ATV Agent Connie Lam Plans To Bring Sit Yeng Yi (Ah Yi) To Malaysia For Miss Asia

The former Miss Asia Pageant 2021 participant Sit Yeng Yi (号佳丽) last made waves when she was contracted with ATV. However, she recently caused herself some drama by staunchly refusing to wear a mask. Yeng Yi nicknamed Ah Yi (阿仪) was also sentenced to jail for kicking someone filming her without a mask.

However, the 37-year-old’s agent is apparently keeping busy without her! Ah Yi’s agent, Connie Lam (林宝玉) is reportedly making plans to come to Malaysia for work purposes. Additionally, Connie will also be featured in the latest Miss Asia campaign video.

Source: Instagram/@ching_yee0205

Connie recently announced their plans shortly after returning to Hong Kong from Singapore. She had apparently been in Singapore to record a program for an online platform. Connie shared that she hadn’t just been filming, she had also been networking.

The agent stated they will be flying several talents and Miss Asia participants to Malaysia by mid-June. This is supposedly in line with ATV’s Co-chairman Datuk Sri Jessy Lai (赖彩云)’s aim. Datuk Sri Jessy, who hails from Malaysia, apparently hopes to create markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


As such, Connie claims they have a very tight schedule to follow. In addition to filming the campaign video for Miss Asia, there will also be plenty of events and auditions. Connie herself will also be joining the Miss Asia video in a bikini. They former beauty queen shared she has prepared three to four sets and is sure she is in good shape. “I don’t need to deliberately lose weight, but I (will) need to adjust my food intake,” she reportedly said.

Source: Instagram/@connielam418

However, Connie will not be leaving Ah Yi behind. The 37-year-old was released on bail from her two-weeks sentence. The agent supposedly stated that Yeng Yi is also expected on the trip.

Sources: China Press, Xuan

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