Attack All Around FF, FFWS 2022 Winner Beats Evos Phoenix – Attack All Around FF, 2022 FFWS Winner Beats Evos Phoenix – Now the FFWS 2022 Event has ended and has a new champion. Where this new champion has managed to beat the defending champion from the same country.

Attack All Around is a team that won the FFWS 2022 this year. So, there are many people who are curious about this team and how the score obtained by both the first and second place winners. So, are you curious about more information? Come on, let’s see the review below to the end.

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Who is Attack All Around Free Fire?

Profil Attack All Around

Please note, that Attack All Around itself is one of the teams from Thailand in the Free Fire match. At this time the name Attack All Around suddenly became popular. The reason is, their team has won the FFWS 2022 event. So, FFWS 2022 is the most prestigious Free Fire game competition.

Apart from that, you need to know. That the Attack All Around team was founded and operated by Wisut “X-Cover” Janrak. So, Attack All Around has started his career since 2014 as one of the newly formed Point Blank teams known as GC.AAA.

It was in July 2017 that Attack All Around started their expansion outside of PB. This step begins with Counter-Strike by obtaining the Inspiration list. And right in 2021, they began to enter the Free Fire arena.

Attack All Around Free Fire Victory Match

The FFWS 2022 match was held some time ago, and Attack All Around managed to beat the previous champion, Evos Phoenix Thailand who came from the same country. Well, 2 representatives from Indonesia, namely Evos Divine and ECHO Sports, had to be tolerant with rankings 5 ​​and 8.

Through this victory, Attack All Around has succeeded in bringing the main prize in the form of trophies and cash of 500 thousand US Dollars or equivalent to 7.3 billion Rupiah.

Attack All Around FFWS 2022 Win Points

Attack All Around’s victory was accompanied by their efforts which had accumulated 92 points. However, for Evos Phoenix who only managed to collect 91 points. Well, this is slightly inferior to Attack All Around.

So, in terms of kills, Evos Phoenix is ​​superior to Attack All Around. Why is that? Well, because they have managed to collect 51 kills, while Attack All Around only has 42 kills. Still, the overall score obtained by Attack All Around is still superior to Evos Phoenix.

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Winner of Each Match in FFWS 2022

When you guys don’t follow the whole match. Just calm down. The following is the list of winners in each FFWS 2022 match:

  • Round 1: Bermuda won by Vivo Keyd, Brazil
  • Round 2: Kalahari won by EVOS Phoenix, Thailand
  • Round 3: Purgatory won by EVOS Phoenix, Thailand
  • Round 4: Bermuda won by Attack All Around, Thailand
  • Round 5: Kalahari won by VastoMundo, Portugal
  • Round 6: Purgatory won by Vivo Keyd, Brazil

Member Attack All Around Free Fire FFWS 2022

The Attack All Around victory at FFWS 2022 made his team get the attention of FF players around the world. In fact, there are many who are already curious and are fans of the AAA roaster. Maybe you are one of them, right?

So, do you know the lineup of AAA players competing in FFWS 2022? If not, here is a list of Attack All Around members who have played in FFWS 2022:

  • AAA_Hoysang
  • AAA_Keroro
  • AAA_Pookgod
  • AAA_Folkyy
  • AAA_Jazper

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