ATEEZ Members Show Their Bodies Very Positively In Reappearing Clip On Twitter

If you’re a fan ATEEZ, you already know that the members seem to have a really close and loving bond with each other, always showing their care and support for each member going through a difficult time. Of course, that also comes with a fair share of flirting!

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However, one thing that the members never take lightly is caring and kind to each other in terms of body image. The topic of an idol’s weight is a very common and criticized subject for both fans and idols to discuss, and has undoubtedly caused body image problems in the industry.

In the clip that resurfaced recently posted on Twitter from members Seonghwa, Hongjoongand Santhe last two members were quick to provide support when Seonghwa voiced criticism of his own weight.

Here is an accurate representation of how Hongjoong reacted to Seonghwa’s criticism of himself!

Some of the comments on the original post shared other examples of positive ATEEZ members as well, which shows that this is not an isolated incident.

For example, San once spoke in Universe about how he enjoys belly fat on other people, especially his fellow members!

This clip shows Jongho praise Somethingfeet after he made a self-deprecating comment.

And it’s not just about weight. During the live broadcast, Hongjoong calmly and eloquently clapped back on someone who had made hurtful comments towards Yeosang.

Other commenters shared how the members’ words and behavior have had a positive impact on them and their own self-image, and how much they value members who support each other.

There is so much love from this supportive, kind and loving group of talented men!

Article ATEEZ Members Show Their Bodies Very Positively In Reappearing Clip On Twitter
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