“At Least Ko Feel What I Always Doc Hit”

HALF The last episode of the drama Risik Pada Hati which aired yesterday clearly left an impression on the hearts of the viewers.

In that episode, Adam, played by Alif Satar, finally proposed to his first wife, Hayla, played by Ummi Nazeera.

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The scene clearly reaped praise from Netizens who were very satisfied with the quality of acting shown by the cast.

Apart from Netizens, who also praised the quality of the actors, including Ummi Nazeera’s husband, Dr. Izar Anwari.

In fact, dr. Izzar also joked about his wife’s acting.

According to him, as a husband, he was used to seeing Ummi with such a character.

“Your face matches Adam’s. Even though you don’t understand what Hayfa feels, at least you feel what I always feel,” he wrote on Instagram.

At the same time, the father of two also praised his wife’s acting, which was considered worthy of recognition.

“Top notch acting by @umminazeera. This scene is the best. It deserves to win an award.”

“It’s true that this scene was repeated so that Hayfa was angry with Adam many times,” he said again.

Looking at the comments column, Netizens on average were amused to read the sharing and also praised Ummie Nazeera’s acting.

“Captions are never unfunny. It doesn’t matter”.

“Ha ha ha. Doctors also have to suffer like that Adam..?”

“Caption doctor won but Hayfa’s acting was the best last night”.

“This is the best scene. It’s amazing to see Ummi act”.

“I don’t want to be sad when I read the caption. Ummi must be near the house”.

Previously, the last episode of Risik Pada Hati was broadcast today.

Besides Alif and Ummi, this drama also stars well-known local actors such as Zara Zya, Izzue Islam and Ifa Raziah.

For your information, drg. Izzar and Ummi married on January 23, 2017 and have two children, Ayra Aneesah and Aysha Arsyla.

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