At a cost of RM520 million, this is the latest video on the condition of the MAPS Ipoh Theme Park

Maybe some of you don’t know that there is the first animation theme park in Asia located in Ipoh, Perak, namely Movie Animation Park Studio (Maps).

BACA : MAPS Theme Park Closed From Today

At a cost of RM520 million, it started operating in 2017 and can only survive until 2020 because it is believed to have suffered losses and can no longer be curbed.

According to a video uploaded on Youtube, naemJD shared the latest state of MAPS Ipoh which has been idle since it is no longer operating and looks very bleak.

It’s sad to see the situation now, the cost to build is huge!

Have you been to this theme park before and what is your view on the current situation?

Credit: Youtube naemJD

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