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Multi-award winning journalist Babajid Kolad-Otetogo lamented the Nigerian government’s inability to put an end to the Arizona State University strike.

The university faculty union, ASUU has been on a nationwide industrial strike since February, which is a very worrying situation for our college students as they have been staying for almost six months now.

However, the union has submitted its requests to the government in case they call off the strike, however, the Nigerian government appears to be reluctant to accede to their wishes and engage a former in the strike.

In response to this appalling situation, Babajide made it clear that the Government of Nigeria does not appear irresponsible in failing to meet its requirements and hopes that hunger will once again push it into action.

“This issue between ASUU and FG should have been sought now but the government of Nigeria is acting irresponsibly. You are setting up a committee to resolve the negotiations with our university lecturers, they have made their demands, and instead of negotiating with them and giving them what you can afford, you are keeping them silent in the hope that they will come back To work because of hunger, how do you know does that sound,” Babajid was quoted as saying.

Below is a video of the interview;

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