Ashraf Wagdy denied his accusation of pardoning Najib

UMNO Youth Chief Datuk Dr. Asir Wajdi Dosuki has denied accusations that he pardoned former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

In his Facebook post in conjunction with Najib’s birthday today, Ashraf Wagdy explained the benefits that accrue to him from doing so because Bikan’s deputy in Parliament now no longer has a position or position.

He explained, but on the basis of respect and morals, he would certainly not forget all of Najib’s services, far from ‘trampling on him’ when the former Amno chief had already fallen on his face.

“Some people accuse me of tolerating him. My answer is simple, what is the use of forgiving someone who no longer has any position or position?

“As a Muslim and Malaysian, I adhere to the value of morals and the principle of respect for the people who served us, no matter how small their dedication and service,” he said.

In the same message, Ashraf Wagdy also wished Najeeb a happy birthday and God Almighty called him.

Happy birthday Datuk Seri Najib Razak. May God have mercy on him and bless the remaining years to continue dedicating her to religion, Nusa and the homeland.

He said: “We also pray to God to facilitate all matters and remove all his hardships and difficulties.” – Malaysian

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