Are these 9 South Korean idols recognized for having a strong leader image?

Site leader Generally used by different idol group South Korea, to identify a member responsible for protecting and guiding other members.

In general, the leader They are chosen based on those with the oldest age from each group, but it is not uncommon for there to be idols who are chosen as leaders due to their outstanding attractiveness.

Through the instiz community forum, South Korean netizens are excited to discuss idols they are believed to be leader strongly.

1. Leeteuk Super Junior

Leeteuk is the leader of SM Entertainment’s second generation boy group, Super Junior, which is still active in his career with the public group for decades.

2. Yoon Doojoon HIGHLIGHT

Compact did not continue the contract with CUBE Entertainment and released the name BEAST, Yoon Doojoon continued to bring his members together to make music together and re-debut under the name HIGHLIGHT.

3. EXO’s Suho

Suho has become one of the idol groups that netizens have chosen as a leader with a strong image. He has managed EXO since their debut in 2012.

4. Sunggyu INFINITE

He started his career at Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE, who now works in various agencies, still often do activities together, proving that Sunggyu, who is the leader, managed to keep INFINITE together.

5. Yoon the winner

WINNER, which now has 4 members, has continued to be active with Yoon as the leader since their debut in 2014.

6. Jihyo twice

Although she is not the oldest member of TWICE, Jihyo’s strong image made her chosen as the leader of the girl group created by JYP Entertainment. With the full line-up still going, Jihyo and the other members have extended their contract with JYP to continue promoting as TWICE.

7. G-Dragon Bigbang

The leader of one of the legendary South Korean boy bands, G-Dragon from BIGBANG. This idol whose real name is Kwon Ji Yong shows that age is not the main criterion for a leader position, and it is one of the main factors for BIGBANG’s success so far.

8. Taeyeon SNSD

Young Taeyeon has managed to imbue the leader aura since her debut. SNSD is one of SM Entertainment’s longest-lived bands, who will be making a comeback in the near future.


The success of BTS, even BigHit, is also the contribution of RM (Kim Namjoon) as the leader of the global boy group. His point of view in acting has made this talented 7-member group a huge hit.

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