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Are Money Tree Games Proven to Pay? This is the answer

Are Money Tree games paying off?

The game of tree and fish or money tree is now being played by Indonesians.

Because many think that by playing the APK Money Tree, they can earn money.

Then is the money tree game proven to pay or just a scam? we will explain the truth about this information.

Money Tree Game Playing Experience APK

On this occasion we will share experiences when playing the Game of Trees and Fish.

Initially I tried to download this application with the aim of getting extra money.

Well after I downloaded the application we tried to register and create an account using my unused but still active Gmail.

After I finished registering I tried to log into the application and tried to see some of the interesting features that were there.

It turns out that in this Tree and Fish or Money Tree Apk, there is indeed a balance dashboard to receive commissions.

In addition, there are also payment methods and money withdrawals via DANA Balance.

That way I am increasingly interested in playing the game to collect points and later I will cash it out.

After a few days of playing the game, the nominal balance on the dashboard did increase.

At that time I was very happy because I got money just from playing games. Then I tried to withdraw the money to the DANA application.

Then what happen? see the explanation below.

Are Money Tree Games Proven Paying

Since I have accumulated a lot of money on my balance dashboard, I will try to withdraw or withdraw money to my DANA balance.

It turned out that after I entered my active DANA number, the withdrawal process took 155 hours or the equivalent of a week.

In the end I am waiting whether this money tree game really pays or not.

And the answer is NO. So all this time I took the time to play games so that I could make money it was just in vain.

So I suggest if you want to get money from the Tree and Fish Game, you should just resign.

BUT If you just want to find entertainment from trees and Apk money then that’s your right.

In my opinion, if it’s just looking for entertainment, then I think this game is pretty good.

If you want to get money easily from the internet, then you can read how to get a free FUND balance immediately disbursed.

The final word

Who is not interested in playing Money Tree to earn money. Because the bonus is extraordinary even up to tens of millions.

The withdrawal process does take quite a long time to be disbursed to the DANA balance and in the end only FRAUD!

That’s what makes me a little annoyed with the developer of the application.

If it is not proven to pay, you should not give the lure to everyone.

Currently the Rating of this Money Tree Game app is only 3.

It seems that the rating of the application will decrease even more if the Developer does not disburse the FUNDS of the users of the application.


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