AR FF Damage Weapon is the most painful, the best and the deadliest

AR FF Weapons – Maybe it’s not foreign to hear, because this game is already very popular, even occupying the best-selling downloads on Google Play, and besides that now Garena’s parties have released lots of other cool and interesting weapons, one of which is the Assault Rifle,

In addition, weapons are one of the most important things in the game, because by using your weapons it will be very easy to defeat the enemy in a match.

Just like you play the Free Fire game, of course using the weapon is the most important to be able to survive and fight the enemy, now there are many kinds of weapons that are in the Free Fire game, ranging from Shoutgun weapons, Assault Rifles and many others.

But the most widely used in the Free Fire game are Assault Rifle and Shoutgun weapons using these weapons, of course, it will be easy for all players to win and survive when they meet the enemy.

But what you need to know is that the weapons that are most often used by players are AR weapons, and now there are so many different types of AR that have been released by Garena.

Now if you are curious about what AR weapons or Assault Rifles are, please you can directly see them below, but before you see the names of these weapons, you better read our discussion to the end so that you know all about the AR Weapons.

About AR Weapons

This AR weapon is one of the most frequently used weapons for everyone, and usually this weapon is often used for various types, such as being used for close range, long range and also medium range, but this weapon will be more painful to use at a distance. close, because the damage and accuracy will be more painful.

But most players use this weapon at medium range, because if you use melee it will be more difficult to face the enemy, although the damage and accuracy is not like close range but it’s all no problem and even using it at long range it will be easier to defeat enemies from close range.

But if you want to more easily defeat enemies using AR, you have to use an AR Weapon skin, because by using a weapon skin you will be painless and precise.

But if you want to have a skin, you have to top up first, so you can do a spin with a skin prize, but most players are reluctant to top up, because they don’t have money, and even some players who don’t have money are looking for ways to can get a free diamond.

Even so, there are still many people who top up, and spend millions just to get an AR weapon skn, because by having a skin it will be easy to get a victory or Booyah,

So if you are curious about what AR weapons are the sickest, please read carefully our discussion below until the end.

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The Sickest Free Fire AR Weapon 2022

The AR FF weapon is indeed one of the very sick weapons, because the weapon has great damage, besides that the bullets and weapons are easy to find, so a lot of players use it.

But if you don’t know what the names of the sickest AR weapons are, please, you can see them immediately below.

1. I

AR FF Weapons

The first AR FF weapon is Ak, now by using this weapon you can easily defeat the enemy, because Ak’s weapon has very large damage, so if fired at the enemy, it will immediately die or there will be a little blood left, what’s more now this Ak weapon has has the coolest skin, namely Ak Drako, now with this skin the damage possessed by the ak weapon will increase even more.

2. Scars

AR FF Weapons

The next weapon is the Scar, now this weapon is not much different from the Ak Weapon, but this Scar Weapon already has various skins such as Scar Cubid, Scar titan and many others.

And besides that this weapon is often used by youtubers, because this weapon is very sick, especially if you already have the skin, that way you will easily defeat the enemy and get a victory or booyah.

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3. SVD

AR FF Weapons

The third weapon is an SVD weapon, this weapon is a dangerous weapon, because the weapon has more damage than Ak, and even youtubers often use this weapon,

Because this weapon is almost the same as the awm, but unfortunately this weapon can’t be like other weapons, where if you use this weapon you can’t press and hold, but if you want to use it for long distances, the SVD weapon is very suitable for you to use. .

4. M14

AR FF Weapons

The last weapon is the M14 Weapon, by using this weapon you will easily defeat enemies from a distance, and this weapon is different from Ak and Scar, because this weapon has very precise accuracy, and if you are a dog player, you are very suitable to use this weapon.

That’s the AR weapon that is the most dangerous and hurts the most when used, so if you’re curious about whether the weapon really hurts, please just try it in training mode.

5. M82B

AR FF Weapons

M82B is a weapon that can be used for long range in free fire games, the bullets of this weapon can reach up to 85 Range with 90 damage. And apart from that the M82B’s strength lies in its ability to destroy vehicles and especially in Gloo Wall defense.

6. MP5

AR FF Weapons

It’s not surprising that game players when fighting, who are always a mainstay when fighting at close range, use MP5. This weapon is an SMG for close range that you can use to kill enemies quickly, even though its performance is “medium” but this weapon has stable accuracy.

Attachments that you can use when using MP5 weapons to make them even more powerful are Muzzle, Silencer, Scope, Foregrip, and Magazine. With a firing speed of 76 and a reload speed of 77. And what you should know is that Mp5 is not recommended for use in long-range warfare.

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7. Kar98k

AR FF Weapons

If the SVD has 4 times the built-in scope, in contrast to the Kar98k this weapon is equipped with 8 times the built-in scope. This Sniper Rifle also has a Damage of 90 and a Range of 84 which can be said to be very high, and to use this weapon at this time is very terrible.

But you also have to know that the weakness of the Kar98k lies in its ammunition, why? because this weapon can only accommodate 5 magazines and cannot be added with magazine attachments.

8. Basket

AR FF Weapons

Well then there is the Groza weapon, this weapon is obtained from the airdrop dropped by the plane every few minutes. And also this weapon uses AR bullets which have a very far range of fire. So the prayem game can use it when doing war in order to shoot war opponents from a considerable distance.

And this FF Groza weapon has a special advantage, that this weapon has extraordinary power which can be fitted with 4 Attachments, one of which is Scope, Foregip, Extended Magazine and accessories for Muzzle. so this groza weapon can be applied for long or close range.

9. MP40

AR FF Weapons

Free fire also has a weapon with 20 bullets in one magazine and 48 damage, the weapon is the MP40 which is predicted to be the best weapon to use in battle.

This weapon is highly recommended for use at close range, but the Attactment that you can fortify on the MP40 is only Magazine. But you don’t have to worry because you can use this weapon for any role in battle because it has very powerful damage.

But what must be considered on the MP40 weapon is that it has high recoil so if you want to stay stable you have to keep your aim, and also combine the use of weapons during this fight with other weapons such as Groda, Scar, AWM so that the power is even more powerful and deadly.

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So many explanations about AR FF Weapons that can convey, thank you to all loyal readers of articles who always follow our latest article updates, hopefully the information above can help you all. Before and after we say thank you.

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