Apple ID Code Reset Scam {July 2022} Find a Solution!

This article gives an insight into Apple ID code reset scam It tells readers the necessary things and steps to take to avoid these situations.

Do you also receive messages related to your Apple ID code? Are you looking for information related to this message and want to know if this message is for apple users in United State safe or not

Several Apple users complained to the customer service center about the message they received about changing the ID code. If you also receive it, you will become a victim of Apple ID code reset scam. So, let’s find out in detail.

What is the Apple ID code trick?

If you are an Apple user in United State And you get a message that your Apple ID code has changed, you need to know before taking further steps. Apple ID code hoax is a phishing message that many Apple users have received.

In the message, it is stated that your Apple ID code has been changed to XXXX number even if you have not changed your ID code. This makes Apple users worried about personal information stored on their phones.

Apple ID password reset scam– What to do about it?

It is very important to recognize phishing messages and take necessary steps against them. If you ignore these messages, they can cause great harm, and there is a chance that you can also steal your information.

So, here are the steps that you must follow to protect your Apple iCloud account from hackers.

  • Reset your passwords from the setting option.
  • Do not click any pop-up links or ads on your mobile screen.
  • Do not use gift cards for any payments.
  • Use the Apple Store or trusted sources to download any app.

Where to report on Apple ID code reset scam?

After receiving phishing messages on your phone or system, it is important to report them to the administrators so that they can take strict action and no one will fall victim to online scams. To report a phishing message or calls to Apple, here are the things you need to do.

  • Forward the email to [email protected]
  • It would be better if you take a screenshot of the text you received on your Apple phone and then send it to the administrators.
  • If you receive anything suspicious on your iCloud, such as a text message or email, immediately forward it to [email protected]
  • Report Apple ID password reset scam And tap the Report option when you scroll down the text message.
  • If you receive any unwanted calls, report the call to the Federal Trade Commission or your local law enforcement agency.

What do people think of Apple’s phishing script?

People are looking for the answer and ways to solve the problem related to the text. Some people panic because they don’t know what to do and who to report. It is best to go through the above information and take the necessary steps accordingly.


After getting several Apple ID code reset scam messages, it’s time to put an end to it and file a complaint with the appropriate authority. these Online Phishing Tricks They can pose a danger to anyone, and everyone should act smart instead of ignoring them.

Did you receive any of the phishing texts? Please share your views with us.

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