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Apk Cheat FF GG Cheat Free Fire Dengan Game Guardian Tanpa Root

Apk Cheat FF GG – One of the free fire mode menu apps that is still often used is Game Guardian ff cheat apk because it is quite easy to use and the mobile used does not require a rooting process first. So don’t be surprised if this auto headshot cheat apk never ends.

We are sure that for those of you who really like to use third party apps in free fire game, you must be familiar with downloading this free fire ff mod apk. Well, because this app has been around since 2019 and in fact, until now, there are still many using GG for free fire cheats.

It’s just that this app faded because there were already many popular game developers like Garena, Moonton, Tencent and some other developers who fixed the bug in the apk so that it can no longer be used for cheating purposes such as like getting free skins and items.

But today we get the latest information because this FF GG cheat apk has been updated again and embedded some of the latest features like anti-housing and also head auto, speed running, immortal ghost and other interesting features. For that, for those of you who want to try using this app, please see further in the review below.

What is FF GG Cheat Apk?

FF GG cheat apk is a third-party app that has a bunch of cheat features that can make it easier for users to win in the game. Thanks to the skills or features that this game guardian apk possesses, it is actually very disturbing for the players.

Because using only 1 app in GG, there are many other interesting cheat features that we can try. For example, if you want to make the character we use run fast, just enable the running speed feature so that the movement speed of the character we play is very fast.

So for those of you who want to try game guardian (GG) free fire cheat method without root then please download this app through the link we have provided here. This way you will get a new pleasant experience. Because with this apk you will also be able to find your opponent’s location very easily thanks to the help of antenna feature.

Download Apk Cheat FF GG Game Guardian

Well, for those of you who want to try the game guardian app for free fire cheats, then please download ff menu with apk here. But before that, it would be nice if you got to know about the app at a glance.

Well, as the admin discussed above, this ff cheat apk is made by a third party, of course there will be risk if you use the app as actions are banned or suspended by the developer.

So before you go to the download link we have prepared below please consider first because on average many players ignore this because they are tempted by the cheat features it has without considering the causes and consequences. Okay for you. Let’s download the following apk file below.


Please, you just need to click on the above link, to go to the download process after that, then do the installation process. It is only because this app is illegal, so for those of you who are not used to installing third-party apps, please see the guide below.

How To Install Players 99 GG FF App

  1. First, make sure that the above apk file download process is successful
  2. If you have, please go to the storage location for the downloaded file on the mobile you are using
  3. If you found it, please click install
  4. If later an “unknown application source” warning appears, please just click Allow. Or it can be done manually ie by going to settings menu and then going to security then there will be an option to allow installation from unknown/unknown sources.
  5. Please tick or enable the option, after that and then continue to install
  6. Then just wait until the installation process is completed

How easy it is not how to install Players 99 GG FF apk, the important thing is that you just follow the instructions or guidelines that we have given above, so we are sure that it will work.

Fitur Players 99 GG FF Apk

Well, for the survivors who have successfully installed the game guardian cheat app, maybe some of the readers of this article want to know what this GG FF cheat apk has. So for those of you who are curious to know, please just read the article below.

  • Auto Headshot
  • Running at speed
  • Fast car
  • Remove the bar
  • Remove the tree
  • Fast Medkit
  • sensitivity
  • Antenna
  • Degree of damage
  • Cross hair
  • Running shot
  • Car Fire
  • PURPOSE Half
  • The Immortal Ghost
  • AIM 360
  • Instant reload
  • Wall Jump 5x
  • Quick change weapon
  • And some other features

There are actually many more features that this app has, but for the features that are often used by gamers, we think they have all been mentioned above. So please just activate the Players 99 GG cheat feature you want, so it won’t require a long process, the feature will be activated instantly.

How To Cheat FF With Apk GG (Game Guardian) Without Root

Now for you who are still confused about how to use the game guardian app for free fire cheats, then you don’t need to worry because in this article too we have prepared some instructions that you can follow, below.

  1. If you want to process this cheat without root then first you need the components which you can download below
  2. The components are the Virtual Masterlite app, download here and the latest Free Fire Script. Download here
  3. Make sure you have downloaded both materials, if so, open the game protector app you installed earlier
  4. Automatically, the GG icon will appear on your mobile screen
  5. After that install virtual masterlite app then add a new GG and then run guardian through virtual masterlite app
  6. Then add ff game and then open fire free from masterlite
  7. But before you login make sure you tap on the GG icon after that press play on the right side to start using the script
  8. Please search for the script.lua you downloaded earlier by pressing the 3 dots icon next to it
  9. Next step select the script and then press Run. If you are later asked to enter a password, please enter the password “68”
  10. If you have done all the above steps correctly, then please login to your free fire account, then when you enter the main lobby you can access the cheat features menu.
  11. Done

Is this Game Guardian app safe?

Regarding this question, you should know that if you use an app that has a cheat feature in free fire game, you can be sure that the app is not safe to use. Because Garena will always prioritize the convenience of this game, namely banning the accounts of players who have cheated.

So it can be concluded that game guardian free fire cheat technique is very unsafe and not recommended because it has quite dangerous risks. Moreover, if the account you are playing already has a lot of skins, it is of course very unfortunate if it gets banned for using the app.

So it would be nice to just play the free fire game without using the help of third party apps from Players 99 GG so that you can feel the excitement because it is just using the skills of the game without relying on any cheats but if you are really curious to try it, then go ahead, but it is better to apply it to the backup account.

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The last word

It seems that this is all the discussion this time that we can convey to the readers of this post about FF GG (game protector) Cheat Apk without root latest version. Please make the most of this app, but we hope you don’t use it too often if you don’t want to be caught by Garena quickly.

For those of you who are looking for other tips and tricks related to free fire game, please keep monitoring our website at to get other latest information, thank you, we hope it is useful.


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