Anwar said if you are a close friend of Arafat, why don’t you retract the pro-Israel statement

Bersatu Anwar Ibrahim again urged to clarify his position on Israel, saying that the PKK chief’s recent claim to be “Malaysia’s number one fighter for the Palestinians” did not allay concerns over a statement he made in 2012, in defense of a Zionist state.

Bersato Vice President Ahmed Faisal Azumu said that Anwar should explicitly retract the statements published by the Wall Street Journal, in which he was quoted as saying that he would “support all efforts to protect the security of the State of Israel.”

“I appeal to Anwar, as Pakatan Harappan’s candidate for prime minister, to immediately announce whether or not he will retract the statement. The Israeli regime must receive a very clear message that the leaders of this country will never compromise with them,” Faisal said in a statement. a permit.

He was responding to reports in which Anwar was quoted as saying he was championing the struggle of the Palestinians, days after Bersato asked why a suspected Mossad mercenary was filmed waving a PKK flag.

Raibavi Amdan, one of the suspects accused of kidnapping Omar Z.

The incident raised fears that the Mossad would arrive in the country in order to carry out covert operations using local mercenaries.

The PKK immediately distanced itself from the couple, saying that stopping anyone in their “actions and choices” is beyond the party’s means.

But it brought back criticism for the PKK leader’s controversial comments about supporting Israel’s security, which drew condemnation from the Palestinian embassy in Malaysia.

Arafat’s close friend

In response to Faisal, Anwar claimed that he was close to the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

“Even when I was in prison, Yasser wrote a long letter to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who was then prime minister, explaining that he had made a mistake in putting him in prison,” he was quoted by the Malay Mail as saying.

MalaysiaNow cannot independently verify Anwar’s claim.

Speaking today, Faisal said that if Anwar’s claim was true, it would not be difficult for him to retract his statement in support of Israel.

He added that “avoiding answers or giving vague explanations has become a characteristic of Anwar that many people know.”

He also said that Anwar’s claim that he was at the forefront of the Palestinian struggle in Malaysia was arrogant.

“I myself was arrested by Israeli commandos in 2010 with five Malaysian activists while boarding Rachel Corrie’s fleet to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians,” Faisal said.

“But I never patted my back and described myself as the number one Palestinian fighter.”

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