Anticipating Unscrupulous Attacks, MPL Philippines Temporarily Deactivates Their Instagram Account

After the final performance of the SEA Games 2021 ended yesterday, MPL Philippines announced that they had temporarily deactivated their Instagram account. They took this action to anticipate attacks by individuals who intended to eliminate MPL Fipilina’s Instagram account.

So, why did they take this action? Let’s look at the following Gamedaim reviews. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

Anticipating Unscrupulous Attacks, This is the Action of the Philippine MPL

Based on the available information, MPL Philippines announced that they have chosen to deactivate their Instagram account for an indefinite period of time. They took this decision to anticipate attacks by malicious actors.

One of them is by doing report to the respective Instagram account. Not wanting the same incident to happen again, they chose to take quite extreme anticipatory measures.

Of course, this action was appreciated by many people. How not, they know that everything related to Indonesia will involve a lot of people or players.

Can be tried for other teams

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The anticipation made by MPL Philippines can be tried by other teams when dealing with teams from Indonesia. Because the defeat received by the team from Indonesia could have caused the relevant Instagram or Social Media account to disappear.

Previously, the Instagram account of James, the coach of the Indonesian national team, was reported missing after the final match which took place yesterday. As of now, James’ Instagram account has not returned and it is not known how long this incident will take.

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