Anas Popcorn expands operations in Kuching


KUCHING, 31 July : The Anas Popcorn company, which is becoming a household name in Sarawak, is now expanding its sales location in Petra Jaya.

Its founder, Kawi Li, said the move was aimed at making it easier for their customers in the city to get the products produced by the company based in Kota Samarahan.

“For customers in Kuching, you can get this popcorn product at Rend’s Burger, Metrocity which is also one of Anas Popcorn’s agents,” he said when met by TVS yesterday.

In conjunction with the official opening of the sales location in Kuching, Anas Popcorn also gave an attractive offer when a total of 250 packets of corn kernels were sold at a cheap price, which is only 50 cents per packet, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm yesterday.

The original price of the product which is offered in several flavors including Classic Caramel, Premium Gula Apong and Salted Egg is sold at a price of RM10 a pack.

“We want to attract more new agents to expand the business and at the same time help them to generate income through the sale of corn kernels,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Rend’s Burger founder, Renderar Derman, his decision to become Anas Popcorn’s agent was very correct because he had the opportunity to increase his income.

“Since becoming an agent two years ago, I generate side income in addition to maintaining the sale of my burger products,” he said.

In the meantime, a civil servant, Zakaria Mohtar, 28, said, he was interested in trying Anas Popcorn products when he saw cheap sales promotions through social media.

As for Reen Junaidi, 30, who is self-employed, he said that he was willing to come from Kota Samarahan to Metrocity here because of the promotion to buy corn kernels produced by the Kawi Recipes company.

“Its delicious and not too sweet taste makes me want to come here to buy Anas Popcorn,” he said.

For more info, you can also visit Popcorn Anas Facebook or call 011-35690600. -TVS

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