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This article provides information about Althea Snap’s Tier List Era and other important facts about the game to help gamers choose their avatar.

Are you curious about the new game Era Althea by Roblox? Are you looking for information related to Snap’s tier list and race list? Roblox brings a new role-playing game to users on Philippinesthat United States of America, Brazilthat great Britainand many more.

Through this article, we will inform users about Althea Snap’s Tier List Era and other information related to the game. So, let’s get started.

What was the Snap Tier List in the Althea Era?

Era Althea is a famous Role-playing game (RPG) on Roblox, developed by Arcadia Productions. In this game, users need to customize their avatar and follow up on quests to collect other artifacts that help with avatar upgrades.

In the game, you will find a list of different levels of snaps, which include different magics that are placed according to their rarity and their effect on enemies. Here is a list of snap levels that you will find in the game.

  • S . level
  • Grade A
  • Level B
  • C-Tier

Althea Race List Era

In addition to the Snap Tier list, there is another tier list you should look for: Race Tier List. Racing in the Althea Era is very important because most players choose races with new powers and abilities to win.

In S-Tier, you will find two characters, namely Elf (Highest increase in Magic Amount, both in strength, number of Good Magic, and good rank in intelligence). Another character, Jakkon, is at the top in strength and is good at wits, snaps, and magic.

A-Tier characters include Nobles.

In B-Tier, there is Liger.

C-Tiers include Humans.

What magic is involved in Althea Snap’s Tier List Era?

There are various magics involved in the Althea Era snap list based on different powers such as:

S . level

  • Spatial- (0.01%)
  • Time- (0.3%)
  • Devil- (0.7%)

Grade A

  • Heavenly Body- (1%)
  • Write- (1%)

Level B

  • Frost- (5%)
  • Explosion – (5%)
  • Light- (15%)


  • Dark- (75%)
  • Fire- (75%)
  • Wind- (75%)
  • Water- (75%)

The use of magic depends on the player, and if the player uses it properly, they can defeat the enemy even with downgrade magic.

Which was the best race in the Althea Era?

Althea Era is a popular game in many countries, and players like to participate in Althea’s Race Tier List Era to get rewards and attractive powers in the game. However, if we talk about the best race in the game, then it seems that Noble is the best race to date.

Elves are also a good option for players to gather after spinning for a new race or by joining the game. With the Elf race, you can increase your MANA which can help your adventure.


In the end, we can say that Althea era affect the hearts of gamers for becoming famous in a short time with Althea Snap’s Tier List Era and race list. Therefore, you can read the above section to know better about the races and the list of snaps to choose a better one.

What is your favorite magic in the game? Please share your opinion with us.

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