Alicia Vikander went through an “extreme and painful” abortion that made her stronger and helped her as an actress

The ‘Irma Vep’ actress has confessed the hard time she and her husband had to go through. Additionally, she has spoken out about mental health and the price of fame.

«I had to fight a lot… For a while I didn’t think I could get pregnant”. with these words alice vikander He has confessed one of the hardest moments in his personal life. The Irma Vep and Tomb Raider actress suffered an «extreme and painful» abortion that she wanted to tell about to help other women who are going through a similar situation.

In an interview with The Times, Vikander explained that before having her first child, with fellow actor Michael Fassbender, she suffered a miscarriage and has decided to tell about it now because “many women go through similar things”. “Now we have a son, but it took us time”, explains the actress who defines this experience as “hard” and “too universal”.

I tried to get pregnant for a while

“I went through difficult times during the confinement [en medio de la pandemia de coronavirus]Vikander continues. However, he acknowledges that suffering from this situation in confinement helped him to recover better. “Sometimes in life you go through things that are difficult and if you have an office job you can walk away. But there are times when my colleagues or I go through something and I can’t understand how you can get to the red carpet afterwards and they ask you: How are you after what just happened?’ Most people would not be able to leave their house”, confesses the Swedish actress.

This painful experience served to give «another meaning» to her role in The Light Between the Oceans (2016), in which her character, Isabel Graysmark, suffers two miscarriages. But this wasn’t the only time Vikander has played a character who has miscarried. In the recently released Irma Vep, the actress plays a pop star who acts immediately after having an abortion.

In addition, the actress also talks about how fame affected her mental health. “When, in the eyes of others, I was at the height of fame, that’s when I was saddest. I kept telling myself ‘get it, it’s amazing’. But I did not know what to do. She was on all those first-class flights, five-star rooms… but she was always alone,” Vikander acknowledges.

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Vikander and Fassbender began their relationship in 2014, which they strengthened in 2017 with their marriage in Spain. a romance that in January 2021 she brought a baby into the world. A news that was not known until August of that same year after months keeping it a secret.

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