Ali Puteh Admits Stress! 2 Years Not ‘JOB’- “Maybe This Is God’s Grace Towards My Pocket…” – Viral MY

“For more than two years, there was no ‘job’ (job offer). For the Superstar Lawak and Mega Musical Maharaja Lawak programs on Astro, that’s another reason for the small comedian community. But, for other offers like acting, litigation and so on, nothing is straightforward.

“For two years I used the money I had to survive and we were frugal. I have a wife and children who need to be raised and so far I have been provided with sufficient provisions to raise them,” he said.

After working as a security guard, Ali also withdrew RM10,000 from the Employee Provision Fund (EPF) through a special withdrawal to be used as business capital.

“I make capital for the meat business. If you want to be included, the amount of rm10,000 is not enough, but I do it according to my ability.

The last time I contributed was in 2009 when I was still working as a security guard, he said.

Sharing further, Ali expressed his gratitude for accepting the offer to act in the sitcom drama Lot 69 which will be screened this June.

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