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Alfamart All Indonesia Employee Salaries 2022

What is the actual salary of Alfamart employees? Recently, Alfamart employees have become a hot topic of conversation in Indonesia.

So, an Alfamart employee at Alfamart Sampora, Cisauk, South Tangerang, caught a woman stealing chocolate. Instead of pleading guilty, the woman accused Alfamart employees with the ITE Law.

What is the salary of Alfamart employees?

With regard to the prevalence of this incident on social networks, it is certainly interesting to discuss all topics related to Alfamart, including the issue of employee salaries.

Working at Alfamart is not just a job as a cashier or a grocery store employee. There are several positions that are quite strategic and play an important role in the company’s operations. Well, here is some information about the salary range for Alfamart employees, which is summarized by

  1. Accounting Staff: Rp1.500.000
  2. Staff Finance: Rp1.400.000
  3. Office Boy: Rp1.300.000
  4. Crew: Rp1.700.000
  5. Security: Rp1.500.000
  6. Safety Staff: Rp1.500.000
  7. Maintenance Staff: Rp1.500.000
  8. Maintenance: Rp1.500.000
  9. Sales: Rp1.600.000
  10. Warehouse Staff: Rp1.500.000
  11. Store Warehouse Assistant: Rp1.500.000
  12. Purchasing Staff: Rp1.500.000
  13. Merchandiser: Rp1.500.000
  14. Staf Accounting: Rp1.500.000
  15. Finance Accounting: Rp1.500.000
  16. Cashier: IDR 1,900,000
  17. Helper: Rp1.900.000
  18. Picker: Rp1.800.000

Also, some positions with higher responsibility will definitely bring in more. Here are some positions with high salaries and responsibilities at Alfamart with a level of IDR 2,000,000:

  1. Shop Head: IDR 2,100,000
  2. Assistant Head: Shop Rp2,100,000
  3. Store Assistant: Rp2.000.000
  4. Chain Staffs: Rp2.500.000
  5. Recruitment and Selection Officer: Rp2.500.000
  6. Operational Staff: Rp2.500.000
  7. Cashier Administration:Rp2,500,000
  8. Marketing: IDR 2,500,000
  9. Branch Inventory Control Manager: Rp2.500.000
  10. Payroll Admin: Rp2.500.000
  11. Area Manager: Rp2.500.000
  12. IT Support: Rp 2.400.000

Then some workers who are paid in Rs 3,000,000 are not really that much. There are only positions such as IT with a salary of IDR 3,200,000 and Regional Coordinator with a salary of IDR 3,800,000.

For a salary level of IDR 4,000,000, there are many job vacancies available, including:

  1. IT Programmer and Analyst: Rp4.000.000
  2. IT Risk and Assurance Staff: Rp4.000.000
  3. IT Senior: Rp4.000.000
  4. Management Trainee: Rp4.200.000
  5. Coordinator: Rp4.100.000
  6. Warehouse Coordinator: Rp4.000.000
  7. Teacher Trainer: Rp4.000.000
  8. Teacher Trainer: Rp4.000.000
  9. Art and Creative Staff: Rp4.000.000
  10. Branch Coordinator: Rp4.000.000
  11. Planning and Development: Rp4.000.000
  12. Recruitment Coordinator: Rp4.000.000

Moved to several higher positions: training manager, logistics manager and distribution manager. Some of these positions receive a nominal salary of Rs 6,000,000 and the highest position, Manager, receives a nominal salary of Rs 9,200,000.

These are the salary levels of Alfamart employees from various positions and titles.

Alfamart Employee Salary Video:


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