Alex Murdo allegedly lured his wife into the house the night of the murder – and she texted a friend who looked ‘suspicious’

Disturbing new details have been released about Alex MordoHis alleged involvement in the murders of his wife and son.

The South Carolina attorney was formally charged with two counts of murder, as well as two counts of possession of a weapon while committing a violent crime Thursday. Now, a law enforcement source is opening up about new details that have been revealed after a 13-month investigation.

The insider said People Alex communicates with his wife MaggieHe asks her to meet at their home in the small town of Islandton on June 7, 2021. Several other sources added that the couple were having marital problems at the time – and Maggie reportedly met a divorce attorney weeks before her death. Because of these problems, she was living about an hour away in their beach house on Edisto Island.

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According to a law enforcement source, Alex told his wife that his 81-year-old father, Randolph Mordo IIIHe was on his deathbed and Maggie needed to see him before he died. Uneasy about the situation, Maggie initially refused her estranged husband’s request to meet at their home, preferring to meet at the hospital instead. Alex ends up getting what he wants when they decide to meet at home with a plan to follow the 54-year-old to the hospital in her own car.

Most disturbing of all the new evidence, Maggie reportedly texted her friend about the encounter on the way home, saying her husband’s behavior was “suspicious,” adding:

“He’s on the verge of something.”


Authorities believe that when the 52-year-old arrived at the estate, she left her car and walked to the kennels on the property where her 22-year-old son was. pee He was taking pictures of a dog he was watching for a friend. It’s not clear what happened next, but as we know, Maggie and Paul were shot dead there. According to authorities, Paul’s body was discovered “half and half out” from the kennels.

Paul was shot in the chest and head with a rifle at close range People. Maggie was shot multiple times, including once in the back and multiple bullets while she was lying on the ground. Killed with 300 Blackout ammo from an AR rifle. He announced the death of his family members at the scene after the arrival of the authorities. It was Alex who called 911; At the time, he claimed he was not present at the crime scene – instead telling officials that he was visiting his ailing father and examining his mother. But as we have been informed, the authorities do not believe this was true.

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Following his conviction on Thursday, a CNN The source claimed that the authorities discovered a video clip on Paul’s phone that proves that Murdo was at the scene moments before their deaths. While he was not visible in the alleged clip, he could be heard talking to his wife. A law enforcement source also said People It was alleged that blood stains were found on Alex’s clothes, suggesting he was there to commit the murders.

At this time, the authorities have not published any official evidence they have against the beleaguered father and have not officially announced the identity of the shooter (or shooters). Alex is already behind bars on a $7 million bond arising from 85 shocking criminal charges (plus murder charges). Most are for financial crimes, including defrauding the family of a former housekeeper who died in a slip-and-fall accident in his home. He was also accused of faking his death so that his last son would remain, Mutt, 26, could benefit from a $10 million insurance policy. He allegedly used his partner in that incident Curtis “Eddie” Smith He was shot on the side of the road, but he sustained only superficial injuries.

He has pleaded not guilty to all previous charges. For now, Alex continues to deny his involvement in the death of a member of his family as well, his lawyers said in a statement:

“Alex wants his family, friends, and everyone else to know that he had nothing to do with the murders of Maggie and Paul. He loved them more than anything else in the world.”

Alex is scheduled to stand trial next week. He is also awaiting trial over allegations that his scheme to commit suicide for pay failed. It’s unclear whether an additional bond will be added to his existing $7 million bond now that he has been criticized for murder charges.

[Image via Maggie Murdaugh/Facebook & Hampton County Detention Center]

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