After Tiara Marleen, Paulina Dadek was also reported on suspicion of defamation, this is how it started!


A woman named Paulina Dadek, a supporter of Doddy Soedrajat, is facing a 4-year prison sentence after being policed ​​by Mirwansyah’s lawyer for an alleged defamation case. The lawyer who once defended Kim Hawt said Paulina accused him of spreading hoax news on Instagram that discussed peace between Ayu Wisya and Doddy Soedrajat.

“It happened on May 29, Monday night. Which then PD screenshots and posts the story of his conversation with DS (Doddy Soedrajat) regarding the peace of Ayu Wisya,” said Mirwansyah, after undergoing witness examination at the East Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (13/6) .

Mirwansyah admitted that he was surprised by Paulina’s statement. The reason, he felt he never gave false information.

“Well, what I wrote, when it came to Ayu Wisya’s peace in my statement anywhere, I never said Ayu Wisya had made peace,” he added.

In this case, Mirwansyah reported Paulina to the East Jakarta Metro Police on May 31. Today, he has also been examined as a victim witness.

“Today I met the summons of the East Jakarta Metro Police Crime Investigation Unit regarding the report I made against the PD sister regarding the alleged defamation that I reported on May 31, 2022,” he said.

As a result of these accusations, Mirwansyah said Paulina was threatened with violating Article 27 paragraph 3 number 19 of 2016 related to the ITE Law. The article also carries a sentence of four years in prison.

“I made a report at the East Jakarta Metro Police with Article 27 paragraph 3 of Law No. 19 2016 concerning ITE with a sentence of 4 years imprisonment,” he concluded.

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