‘Aaisyah Dhia Rana International School, in the middle of Summer Vacation’ – Rozita Che Wan

Lately, actress Rozita Che Wan or better known as Che Ta has often been the target of netizens on social media. There are only things that are not easy on the eyes, whether it’s about Che Ta or the family.

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Most recently, Che Ta answered questions from netizens who questioned the schooling of his only child, Aaisyah Dhia Rana.

According to the 49-year-old actress, there are a few who are surprised when they often see Aaisyah at her mother’s workplace instead of school.

Someone asked if our child is in school?? Put up with the emptiness, our son is on summer break, in the eighth month he will start school again empty.

He goes to an international school, what if (they) give him a long holiday? Although Malaysia is summer days.

So when there is free time, this little girl (Aaisyah) will come with us, if we are busy filming and her uncle is not filming or working, he takes care of her or Aaisyah, there are two brothers. His older brother sometimes takes care of him.

Not letting the holidays go to waste, the owner Rozita Abu Bakar provides educators at home to teach Aaisyah to study the Quran.

Don’t pay attention to the fact that our son doesn’t go to school, he’s on holiday.. I’m ready to have a study teacher who comes to the house, study is also ready.

Earlier, Che Ta and actor Zain Saidin got married on 11 December 2013. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Aaisyah Dhia Rana who is now eight years old.

Che Ta also has two sons from a previous marriage namely Ammar Affendy, 26, and Aniq Ezzra, 24.

Source: Instagram @rozitachewan1

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