A2 Paper Size List in Mm, Inch, Pixel and CM (Accurate)

Samudranesia.id – A2 paper has a large size so it is often used for printing needs. For daily use, A2 paper size considered too large so that it requires a cutting process first. However, this paper is still used for various needs.

In this article we will discuss about A2 paper from size to function. It is hoped that by knowing the size of this paper, those who work as designers or printing people will not make the wrong choice. Moreover, there are also many types of paper.

A2 paper sizes also have various types, there are inches, mm and cm. Therefore, for more details, you can check your own understanding and other things as follows.

A2 Paper Size (Inch, Cm, and Mm)

There is only one A2 size, no A2 Plus. However, these sizes are converted into several units ranging from inches for the international scale, cm and mm for design needs.

To find out what the size of A2 paper is, see more of the points below.

1. Size A2 in Inches

By using the inch scale, A2 paper has a standard size or ISO of 16.54 x 23.39 inches. This size is the same in Indonesia and other countries around the world.

To determine whether the paper you have is A2 size, use a ruler. If the size is close to the scale above, it means that the paper is indeed A2 size.

2. Ukuran A2 Dalam Cm

If you use the cm scale, A2 paper will have a length and width of 42 x 59.4 cm. This scale is the most widely used in Indonesia.

Suppose you have paper that has a size large enough. If you want to cut it into A2, use a length of 59.4 cm and a width of 42 cm.

3. Size A2 in Mm

Furthermore, the size of mm is also used for A2 paper. Actually this size is the same as cm. Just multiply 10 by the length and width. Finally the A2 size becomes 420 x 594 mm.

Ukuran A2 dalam Piksel

If you use a design application such as Photoshop, to create A2 paper size special scale is required. What’s more ppi of design may vary. For that use the list below.

Size Type Long Wide
A2 – 72 PPI 1191 1684
A2 – 200 PPI 3308 4678
A2 – 300 PPI 4962 7017
A2 – 400 PPI 6616 9356
A2 – 600 PPI 9924 14034
A2 – 1200 PPI 19848 28068
ANSI C – 72 PPI 1224 1584
ANSI C – 200 PPI 3400 4400
ANSI C – 300 PPI 5100 6600
ANSI C – 400 PPI 6800 8800
ANSI C – 600 PPI 10200 13200
ANSI C – 1200 PPI 20400 26400

Do want to make adjustments in Photoshop or other applications, use the scale above. By using this scale, the size of A2 can be more accurate and will not be wrong.

If you make a mistake, there will be problems when the design is applied or printed. For that, be careful one by one and don’t get it wrong even if it’s only 1 digit number.

Interesting Facts About A2 Paper

Before discussing more about the types of paper and their benefits. It’s a good idea to listen to some interesting facts about A2 paper. Read more below.

1. Dilipat jadi A3

If the A2 paper is folded symmetrically with the axis on the longest side. You will get 2 pieces of A3 paper. Just cut it and you’ll have an accurate A3 size.

To do so, the folding process must be done well. All sides should be symmetrical so that no part is too big or too small.

2. Can be A1 . paper

Slightly the opposite of the first point, if you combine two A2 papers. The paper will be one A1. Merging is done on the shortest side.

For example, you need paper with A1 size. Just connect two A2 papers. For example, by applying glue on the back so that the front surface remains the same length and width.

3. Pixel resolution explained

If you want to print images or writing on A2 paper with a size of 300 ppi, the clearest size you can choose is 4960 x 7016 pixels.

If you use a much smaller size, chances are that the image will not be visible at close range. Printouts will not be optimal.

If using a size of 150 ppi, the pixel that must be selected is 2480 x 3508. Pay attention to this carefully so that all images that will be printed can match the design made.

Types of A2 Paper in the Market

On the market there are several types of A2 paper that are often purchased by printers, companies, and individuals. To get to know the types, see the list below.

1. Ivory


This first type has a glossy and slippery front surface. Meanwhile, the back surface is standard. Because it has a smooth and glossy surface, this paper is widely used for photo printing.

Paper of this size is generally quite wide and can be cut into pieces as needed. You can use A2 size or a smaller size.

2. HVS


Next is HVS paper which is widely used to print or print documents. This paper also has various sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest including A2. With this large size paper can be used for various needs.

One that is often used is that this paper will be used for the process of printing books. If the design is a small book layout, this large size paper will be cut first according to needs.

HVS paper has different gramms. Some are low enough to tear easily and some have a fairly high grammage. Paper with high grammage generally feels thick to the touch and has a higher price.

3. Art Paper

Art Paper

Art paper is paper used for craft or artistic needs. Generally this paper has a fairly soft surface and has quite a variety of colors. So you can choose the color according to your needs.

Because it has a large size, usually this art paper is often cut as needed. Some are cut manually and some are cut using special tools. If you use a special tool, usually cutting can be done in large quantities.

4. Carton


Furthermore, there is also cardboard which has a fairly high motion. This is usually used to make various types of wrappers or covers from books.

Because it has a high gramation, it won’t tear easily. That’s why this paper is often used to print various lecturers on one surface without letting the ink leak down.

5. Duplex Paper

Duplex Paper

Duplex paper is very similar to cardboard. The difference is that the front is white and the back has a brownish color. The word here is usually used for cardboard or packaging for certain products.

Uses of A2 Paper

A2 paper has many uses. The most commonly used numbers consist of several numbers below.

1. Used for photo printing

Used for photo printing

The first use of A2 paper is for printing photos. There are currently large photos that can be printed using this size. Usually the photo will be used for display and inserted into the frame.

With A2 paper size large, you can also print several types of photos at once. For example, there are more than 4 photos. Furthermore, the photo can be cropped as needed. So, no need to use paper with a small size.

If you feel that the A2 paper size is too large to print photos. Even though the printer has a small size, just fold it in half and cut it according to your needs. Most importantly the cutting process must be done with precision.

2. Used for book printing

Used for book printing

Another benefit of using A2 type paper is for book printing. This paper has a large size so that if it is used for books, it will be cut into pieces according to needs first. Then the paper will be printed according to the layout.

The cutting process in printing usually goes quite well. Because there are cutting tools that can directly cut more than hundreds of papers at a time. The risk of an error is also small.

The large size equation was chosen because it generally has a price that tends to be cheaper. That’s why cutting is better done first to save on operational costs from the printing itself.

3. For design needs

For design needs

The need for paper design with A2 size is also widely used. The designs referred to here are many ranging from building design and also architecture. Because it has a large size, this paper can be made to draw various types of elements into one.

Paper can be placed on a large board to facilitate the process of doing the design. Furthermore, when it is finished the paper can be folded and put into a container. Students or people who work in the design field will be familiar with using this large paper.

Usually the paper used has a certain thickness. Some are thick enough and some are not too thick. You all types of paper usually have very good strength so they don’t tear easily. Moreover, the paper will often be opened and rolled up.

4. To print promotional materials

To print promotional materials

Promotional materials can also be printed using A2 size paper. Because it has a very large size, this paper is usually widely used to display various types of promos that contain complete details.

This promotional material uses a fairly thick paper. Paper is also not easily torn so that it can be pasted on various types of media. Can be affixed to the wall or glass so that passersby can read it very clearly.

5. Gift wrapping

gift wrapping

Some papers already have interesting designs or patterns. With this design, a very wide A2 paper can be used to wrap gifts. Anything can be well wrapped and feature a very unique design.

Besides being able to be used to wrap gifts. Some paper can also be used as wallpaper for walls. Usually the paper has a unique design and on the back has a sticker to add.

By knowing A2 paper size, you can use this type of paper well. In addition, you can also take measurements manually. So it will never go wrong so that paper can be used as needed.

A2 paper also has quite a lot of types. For that, you must choose the type that suits your use. For example, A2 paper to be printed into a photo or poster. The type is certainly different from the paper that will be used for standard printing needs.

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