A watch lizard enters the official home of Banjar Regent Saeed Mansoor in Martapura

WARTABANJAR.COM, Martapura – The monitor lizard entered the official residence of Banjar’s trustee, Mr. Saeed Mansur at Jalan A Yani Km 40 Keraton Village, Martapura District, Banjar Regency, on Saturday (6/8) at about 12.17 WITA.

It is known that the watch lizard entered the water tank of the Banjar Regent residence. This incident was subsequently reported by an on-duty Sat Pol PP officer.

Fire and Rescue Chief Sarpras Rizwan Sayarani immediately dispatched the DPKP cap. Beet to go directly to the site.

The Banjar Regency DPKP animal rescue team that arrived at the site immediately evacuated the watch lizards until the site was declared safe.

“After dealing with it at 12.30 WITA, the final situation is under control,” the DPKP said in a statement.

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