A Man Like No Other Chapter 928 by desirenovel

A Man Like No Other Chapter 928 by desirenovel

He woke up

“Argh!” Thunder Andrew. Although he felt the need to hit Ichiru again, the intense pain in his head caused him to fall to the ground.

Watching Andrew in agony, Ichiro gave a light smile. “My servant, I am now asking you to kill this man in front of me.”

Ichiru’s voice sounded as if it came from the depths of hell, causing Andrew to become silent at once. In the next moment, the latter stood on his feet and looked at Jared intently.


When he saw the look on Andrew’s face, Jared frowned as he quickly retreated.


Andrew fired a powerful punch at Jared without backing off at all.

“Andrew, wake up!” Jared shouted anxiously while dodging at the same time.

Andrew did not fight directly, because doing so would be in Ichiru’s hands.

Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Andrew attacked relentlessly just like a raging beast.

Watching what was unfolding before him, an arrogant look descended on Ichiru’s face.

“Do not stop. Kill him! Kill him!” Ichiro pressed Andrew by controlling his mind.

Andrew’s barrage of punches at Jared was so fast that the penetrating sound of voice was continuous.

Jared had no choice but to avoid her like the plague, because even a slight hesitation could infect him.

“Ha ha ha…”

Seeing the despair on Jared’s face, Ichiru rejoiced.

Just like the audience in the theater, Ichiro quietly watched while Jared and Andrew were quarreling.


Suddenly, Andrew hit his fist on Jared’s chest, causing him to crash through a few trees before falling heavily to the ground.

“Mr. Coincidence…”

“Mr. Coincidence…”

Just when Shin and the others wanted to join the battle, Jared stopped them, “Don’t move!”

As a result, the group could only wait where they were and wondered why they had prevented Jared from helping.

After throwing a punch, Andrew jumped into the air and fell to the ground with his feet.

Fortunately, Jared rolled to the side just in time to avoid the attack, because Doss Andrew was so strong that he left a hole in the ground.

The next moment, Andrew pulled his leg and started releasing his iron fists.

This time, Jared did not avoid them. Instead, he grabbed one of Andrew’s fists and sent a burst of spiritual energy into the latter’s mind through their connected arms.

When Andrew suddenly woke up, the red in his eye subsided, causing him to look at Jared in shock.

“Jared, I… I…” Andrew couldn’t remember what he just wanted to say.

“Now is not the time for words.”

After taking a look at Andrew, Jared stumbled back and started to back away as if he had been shocked by Andrew’s attack.

With his fist inside Jared’s palm, Andrew had no idea what Jared was about to do. All he could do was allow himself to be pushed forward by the latter.

“Pretend to attack me. Don’t stop,” whispered Jared.

Andrew nodded slightly in acknowledgment. Although he had no idea what this plan was, he chose to comply just because Jared told him so.

While the two of them continued their fight, Jared took the opportunity to explain what was going on.

When he learned that he was poisoned and that his mind was being controlled by Ichiro, Andrew’s eyes burned with anger and remorse at the same time. After all, he had ignored Jared’s warning when they landed on the island earlier, causing him to fall into Ichiro’s trap.

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