A four-year-old child abused by an adoptive mother has been placed in a JKM care center

Alor Setar – The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) will place a four-year-old girl suspected of being abused by her adoptive mother, in the Social Welfare Administration (JKM) care centre.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Rina Muhammed Harun, said the child, who is currently receiving further treatment in hospital, will be placed in care until the trial of the case is over.

“JKM came to the hospital with the baby’s protector to continue the investigation as well as to make sure he is being better taken care of.

“The important thing now is that we want to make sure that the child is still healthy when they are allowed to leave the hospital later,” he said when asked to comment on the child abuse case, here today. .

Recently, a 27-second video went viral showing a woman believed to be the adoptive mother of a four-year-old child beating her adopted child with a broomstick just because the victim refused to eat rice.

Meanwhile, Rina said, her party thanked the individuals who reported the incident, expressing the hope that the general public would always be concerned and aware of cases of abuse that might occur around them.

He said, “If anyone becomes aware of a case of abuse, the first thing they can do is file a police report or call Lamb Tali via the toll-free line 15999. They can also go to the nearest JKM office to report the incident,” he said. .

Earlier, Rina inaugurated the KPWKM Women Rise and Rise Carnival Program in the Northern District at Aman Central Shopping Center which lasted for three days starting yesterday, with the aim of providing employment and income generation through entrepreneurship for women.

“Nearly 5,000 jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities are offered in this program. The ministry wants to help women improve the economic situation of their families because many of them have been affected in the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As of July, the Bangkit Wanita program has helped more than 40,000 women across the country and will hopefully help more women break out of the cocoon of poverty, as well as give them encouragement to keep rising,” he said. – the name of the thing

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