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A detailed and complete explanation of adjectives (ADJECTIVE) and their proper use in English sentences and examples

A detailed and complete explanation of adjectives (ADJECTIVE) and their proper use in English sentences and examples

What are adjectives?

On this occasion we will discuss together in detail about adjectives.

In simple terms, an adjective can be interpreted as an adjective or in English it is often called a ‘describing word’. Because the function of an adjective is to describe, identify, and give value to something. Adjectives in English are used before a noun (noun) or before a pronoun (though rarely).

A. The use of adjectives in English sentences

1. Used before a noun (modify noun)


Green apples, expensive bags, yellow stones, attentive students

Based on the example above, the words that include adjectives are green, expensive, yellow and attentive, while the modifying nouns are apple, bag, stone, and student.

2. Used before a pronoun (modify pronoun)


Poor you!, Lucky me!, It’s the yellow one

Based on the example above, the adjectives included are poor, lucky and yellow, while the modifying pronouns are you, me, and one.

B. Types of adjectives

  1. Numerical adjective

Numeric adjective is an adjective that shows number, number, or order. There are three types of numeric adjectives, namely:

a. Definite numeral adjectives, namely adjectives that are specific and clear in number (in the form of cardinal and ordinal numbers)

Cardinal numbers: one, two, three,…I ate three apples

Order numbers: first, second, third,…I like the second carb.

b. Indefinite number adjective

Indefinite numeral adjective is an adjective that shows the number in general and not specifically.

Example: Some, few, many, whatever.

Example in a sentence: Some students are studying now

c. Distributive numeric adjective

Distributive numeral adjective is an adjective that shows the individual as part of the whole group.

Example: each, the other, well, not really.

Example in the sentence: Each student must attend the seminar

  1. Qualitative adjective

Qualitative adjectives indicate a certain quality of something. This adjective describes ‘what’ something looks like.

Example: Jogja is a beautiful city

She is an honest mother

  1. Quantitative adjective

Quantitative adjectives show the amount of something but not specifically (almost the same as the indefinite numeral adjective).

Example: All, half, many, few, few.

Example in a sentence: All students are diligent.

  1. demonstrative adjective

Demonstrative adjective is an adjective that functions to ‘point’ something.

Example: This, that, that.

Example in a sentence: This is my marker

This is my marker

  1. Interrogative Adjective

This adjective is used to ask something. Usually in the form of a Wh-question.

Example: Where, what, who, who.

Example in the sentence: Which is your favorite book?

Whose book is this?

  1. possessive adjective

Possessive adjective is an adjective that shows ‘belonging’.

Example: my, your, his, her, its, our, them.

Example in the sentence: The Ferrari is my car

She is his wife

C. Adjective order

In its use, adjectives are used following a certain order. Here is a table of adjective ‘order’ formally. So in its use it must be in accordance with the grammar rules.

order Example
1. Determinants (articles)

2. Observation/opinion

3. Size and Shape

4. Age

5. Color

6. Origin

7. Material

8. Goal

a, and

beautiful, silly, terrible, difficult, easy

big, small, big

old, young, new, ancient

red, yellow, green, blue

Greek, American, Indonesian

wool, wood, plastic

describes the purpose of something and usually ends in ‘-ing’

example ‘rocking chair, sleeping bag’

Based on the order or order of the adjectives above, an example of a sentence that we can make is something like “An enormous ancient brown Indonesian wooden house” or another example such as “A beautiful new red woolen sweater”

Thus the discussion of the material this time regarding “A detailed and complete explanation of adjectives (ADJECTIVE) and their proper use in English sentences and examples”.

Hopefully it can help IBI friends ( and provide useful knowledge for all of us.

Thank you for your attention my friend

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