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90 Days Fiance Star Who Becomes More Popular After Disbanding

While 90 Days Fiance The franchise has seen many successful couples, it has also had its fair share of breakups. Since much of the show’s storyline revolves around long distance relationships and couples meeting for the first time while on the show, this is not surprising. The franchise then creates a spin-off 90 Days: Single Life to give those who are no longer in a relationship another chance to find love.

Many stars from 90 Days: Single Life have become controversial, with some of them becoming less popular with fans after breaking up. One of these cast members is none other than Ed “Big Ed” Brown, who fans don’t like 90 Days Fiance: Before 90 Days season 4. Fans felt Big Ed made inappropriate comments to his girlfriend Rose Vega about shaving his legs and brushing his teeth, which was the catalyst in their breakup.


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While many cast members became less popular after that 90 Days Fiance, there are some that are more popular. Fans tend to favor the underdog, and the TLC franchise has had some after they left their toxic relationship. Stephanie Matto, Natalie Mordovtseva and Tania Maduro are among them 90 Days Fiance star.

90DFStephanie, who makes money from modeling, flew to Australia to meet her online boyfriend Erika Owens during Before 90 Days season 4, but their relationship didn’t work out. Stephanie then appeared in Single Life season 2, where she dates both men and women, and then reveals that she has found a new boyfriend. After her time on the show, Stephanie became a popular influencer and was known to make money in quirky ways, such as selling her farts in jars. Although Stephanie is unique, there is no doubt that she is world famous 90 Days Fiance world.

Natalie first appeared in 90 Days Fiance seasons 7 and 8 with ex-husband Mike Youngquist, and the couple later returned for 90 Days Fiance: Happy Forever season 6, where they finally broke up. 90DF‘s Natalie, who made money in Florida, then starred Single Life, where fans got to see a different side of him as he moved to Florida to try to find love again. Many fans felt that the relationship between Mike and Natalie was toxic, and they were happy to see him break away from her. Natalie is currently one of the most popular 90 Days Fiance cast members, even if fans don’t always understand his way of thinking.

Tania first appeared with her ex Syngin Colchester in 90 Days Fiance season 7, and they then came back for Happily ever after season 5. Syngin then appeared in Single Life season 2, where he and Tania reveal that they have decided to separate. When 90DFTania, who may not have forgotten Syngin, was not the most popular cast during her first two seasons, she has grown quite a few fans over time. After breaking up with Syngin, many fans realized that Syngin contributed to the couple’s problems just like Tania did. He is now starring Single Life season 3, which has led to his popularity in 90 Days Fiance franchise to grow.

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