9 Ways to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag on Android

If you play games, of course we will expect the game to run smoothly, right? Well, when I tried to play the trending game, I experienced a lag while playing.

Then I looked for ways to prevent pubg from lag so I found several ways to overcome pubg mobile lag on android. So that I can play pubg mobile and often get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

One of the most annoying things is when there is only 1 enemy left or it’s almost chicken dinner, suddenly my pubg mobile is broken.

Because of the lag, I didn’t get the chicken dinner. Below, the intersection will thoroughly review how to overcome pubg mobile lag.

PUBG Mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is one of the PC games that has moved to a mobile platform that is very much liked by its players.

PUBG making a mobile version doesn’t mean the Steam version doesn’t exist anymore, it still exists. Since this game was released in 2018, pubg mobile statistics have sharpened, even almost matching Mobile Legends whose popularity is extraordinary.

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag on Android

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag on Android is sometimes not only on the Android specification side, but you need some settings so that when you play PUBG Mobile it will feel smooth.

This game has a similar quality to the PC version, so to play this pubg mobile game on your android, you must have at least a smartphone that has 2GB of RAM so that your pubg mobile doesn’t experience lag or crashes while playing.

Below we share several factors that can cause pubg mobile lag on android:

  • There are errors or bugs in the game itself. (usually happens at the time of update).
  • Phone specifications below the minimum. (inadequate).
  • Bad internet connection.
  • RAM memory is full.
  • Phone overheating (too hot).
  • Many applications are running.

Please do the method we provide so that you don’t experience lag when playing pubg mobile.

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Ensure Stable Internet Connection

One of the problems when playing games is the internet connection. This method you can do to all the games you are playing.

A fast Internet connection will feel useless if you have an unstable connection. You must use a minimum 4G internet connection to play this pubg mobile game.

Make Sure The Smartphone Specifications Are Adequate

One way to overcome pubg mobile lag is to pay attention to the specifications of your smartphone. The world is getting more sophisticated, the game will always issue new innovations so that the game demands to use high specifications.

None other than the graphics or gameplay in the game. Therefore, to be smooth when you play pubg mobile, make sure your phone meets the minimum requirements so it doesn’t lag or often goes out alone (force close) when playing.

The minimum specifications to run smoothly when playing PUBG Mobile on Android include:

  • CPU : Quad Core
  • Operating System : Android 5.1.1+ Lollipop (and above)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • 1GB Internal Memory

Set Graphic Quality

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag - Step 1

If your phone has mediocre specifications, one of the steps to avoid lag when playing pubg mobile is to lower the graphics quality on pubg mobile. This has an impact on the graphics you are playing.

If the High option, the quality will be even better, as well as the Low option, the quality will be worse. But if you have a smartphone with high RAM, you can also change it to Ultra HD and Frame Rate High so that the quality is clearer. Again, this setting will affect the battery you use, it can even overheat.

Update Game PUBG Mobile

If the pubg mobile game asks you to update, I recommend following it and updating the pubg mobile game so you can get the latest version of the pubg mobile game where any errors or bugs in pubg mobile have been fixed in the latest pubg mobile version.

Don’t charge your cellphone while playing

One that can lead to lag when playing PUBG Mobile that is, you charge while playing pubg mobile.

Not only does it have an impact on your pubg mobile lag, one of these actions is also very dangerous, in addition to quickly damaging the battery, it can also make the phone’s performance get damaged faster and faster.

Some cases of charging while playing games, namely by exploding the cellphone.

Use Game Booster App

You can also use the game booster application which can make you smoothly play pubg mobile games when you have the specifications to play pubg mobile games that are mediocre.

The way this application works is very simple, your phone forcibly stops running applications and RAM will be allocated to play the game you choose, for example PUBG Mobile.

Play Asian Server

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag - Step 2

When you install this pubg mobile game, your settings will automatically have an American server. Logically, from the several options available on pubg mobile.

Indonesia is a country located in Asia, so the distance between the server and our country will be getting closer, making the connection between the client and server even faster.

By choosing an Asian server, your ping will be low (the lower the better). You can switch servers by pressing the Start button and then selecting Asian Server.

Use Wifi While Playing

If your connection is bad, you should be required to use wifi which in fact has a stable and good connection. However, not all wifi signals experience a stable internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, you can use a way to strengthen the cellphone’s wifi signal so that your connection can be stable.

Force Close Running Apps

One of the reasons why this PUBG Mobile game lacks RAM is that there are many applications running in the background.

Close Background Apps

One of the causes of lag is the RAM memory is full, this is due to the many applications running in the background that burden the phone’s performance.

If you want to control apps that run in the background, you can use the Greenify app which specifically does this.

Some of the above methods you can also apply to game mobile legend. Maybe that’s all our review on how to play pubg mobile without lag. May be useful for you all.

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