9+ Best Android Home Decorating Games For Android and iOS

Currently playing games on mobile devices such as Android and iOS is very popular. So that makes developers compete to develop mobile-based games. From there began to emerge unique and interesting games. And one of those unique and interesting games is the best Android home decoration game.

Games with the theme of decorating a house are perfect for those of you who dream of owning their own home. Even though it’s not real, at least you can feel the sensation of arranging and decorating your dream home. There are many home decorating themed games that you can find on the Playstore or App Store. And here are the recommendations for the best games with the theme of home decoration.

Here is a list of Android Home Decoration games best for Android and iOS

1. Home Design Makeover

The list of recommendations for the favorite games with the first home decoration theme is a game called Home Design Makeover. This home decoration simulation game was developed and released by the developer Strom8 Studios. The total downloads of the Home Design Makeover game on Playstore have reached more than 10 million users.

In this game, players will take on the role of a house design architect who helps clients to renovate their homes. You can determine the decoration of all existing rooms according to the wishes of the client. When decorating and renovating individual rooms, you need coins to work on them. Well, you can get these coins through the match-three mode available in the Home Design Makeover game.

2. Builder Game

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When playing this game, players can build houses from scratch. You have to start from looking for building materials and building tools, making foundations, making walls, and much more. In addition, you also have to process the material you want to use, for example, such as cutting wood, welding iron, and so on.

Builder Game is a casual simulation game with a home decoration theme developed and published by developer FM by Bubadu. The achievement of this game is quite successful, because the data on the Playstore shows that this game has been downloaded and played by more than 10 million users all over the world.

3. Homescapes

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In the Homescapes game, players will be invited to help a character named Austin to repair his house. There is an interesting thing about this game, namely the story plot presented in it. So, Austin wants to go back to his childhood home which is worn and old. Many of the furniture and facilities are damaged and need to be repaired.

To improve the furniture and facilities, you need stars which can be obtained from playing the match-three mode available in the game. Homescapes itself is a casual simulation game with a home renovation theme created by Playrix developers. It can be said that this game is very popular with total downloads on the Playstore having reached more than 100 million users.

4. Home Design: Caribbean Life

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The next best Android home decoration game is a game with the title Home Design: Caribbean Life. This game carries the casual simulation genre with simple but still fun and interesting gameplay. Home Design: Caribbean Life itself is a game created by the developer CookApps. This game has been downloaded and played by more than 5 million users on Playstore.

Its light size, which is around 77 MB, is also one of the factors that this game can be successful and has many users. You don’t have to worry about being bored when playing this game, because the developers regularly provide the latest interesting updates. And it was recorded that the last time it gave an update was on October 30, 2020. In this game you can decorate every part of the house the way you want.

5. My Home Design Story: Episode Choices

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Similar to the Home Design: Caribbean Life game above, the My Home Design Story: Episode Choices game is also the work of the CookApps developer. The difference is that in this game there are elements of puzzles that are presented. The puzzle elements are presented with questions related to life.

Besides being able to build and decorate your dream house, you can also have a love story too. On Playstore, this game has been downloaded and installed by more than 5 million users. Developers regularly provide the latest updates to resolve bugs and add new features. So that the players stay comfortable and will not get bored quickly when playing this game. The latest update of this game itself was on October 21, 2020.

6. Kawaii Home Design

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The sixth list is a game with the title Kawaii Home Design. As the title suggests, the visual design of the characters and the setting of this game is very kawaii (a Japanese word which means cute). The characters have chibi designs which of course are very cute. With this visual design, it makes this game more suitable for girls to play. But there’s nothing wrong with being played by boys.

You will act as a house design architect. When decorating a house, you must follow the pitch center. Later you will get a value after the pitch period is over. After that you will get a gift in the form of items that will be used for decoration. Kawaii Home Design itself is a simulation game developed by Onesoft developer and has been downloaded by more than 5 million Playstore users.

7. Design Home: Play + Save

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In this Design Home: Play + Save game, you can decorate your home with furniture from well-known brands. Create your dream home and when it’s finished, your home decor will be assessed and you will receive a prize. In addition, you can also look for home decoration references from all over the world, from Europe to Asia.

Design Home: Play + Save itself is a simulation game developed and published by developer Crowdstar Inc. The total downloads of this game have reached more than 50 million users on the Playstore. Because this game presents 3D graphics, the size is a bit large, which is around 103 MB. But don’t worry, this size can still be played on smartphones with medium specifications.

8. House Flip

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The next best Android home decorating game is a game made by developer Fun-gi with the title House Flip. This game, which offers a house-making simulation genre, has been downloaded by more than 5 million Playstore users around the world. It was also recorded on the Playstore that this game last provided the latest update, which was on October 23, 2020.

So, players will not be bored when they often play this House Flip game because of the latest update. As for the capacity of this game itself, which is about 103 MB. So it takes up quite a bit of your Smartphone’s memory space. If you are interested in trying the excitement and sensation of this game, please download it for free on the Playstore or it can also be on the App Store.

9. Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

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The ninth recommendation is a game with the title Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator. As the title implies, this game is developed and published globally by the developer Planner 5D. In this game, you will be presented with graphics that are very pleasing to the eye because they are very realistic.

Players are free to design and decorate their dream house however they want. There are many choices of furniture that you can use to design and decorate your home. On the Playstore this game is very popular, the article has been played by more than 10 million users. The latest interesting update was recorded the last time it was given, which was on October 7, 2020.

10. Room Creator Interior Design

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The list of the best games with the last home design concept is the Room Creator Interior Design game. As the title implies, in this game players will be invited to design the interior of the house starting from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other house rooms.

Room Creator Interior Design itself is a game developed by Brain Vault developers. The popularity of this best Android home decorating game is unquestionable, because in the Playstore alone it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. So are you interested in trying the excitement of this Room Creator Interior Design game?

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