8 Ways to View ncpa.cpl Wifi Password on Your Own PC & Laptop Computer

How to View ncpa.cpl Wifi Password – Passwords have an important role to protect the privacy of a network, both wired and wireless. Now the majority of devices already have wifi making it easier in terms of connectivity.

To be more secure, of course, you must install a password to lock the WiFi network so that it is not easily accessed by others. Users can do HOW TO CHANGE WIFI PASSWORD CBN or other networks simply using a laptop or computer.

Sometimes because we forget we want to know how to see the connected wifi password on Windows 10 or other operating system versions. This time we will discuss one of the Windows default software system that is very useful for setting wifi passwords.

Often called the ncpa.cpl module which is installed by default which is able to store all data on the resistri system. In addition, when the computer is turned on, the ncpa.cpl service will run in the background because it is included in the main system.

We can directly run the ncpa.cpl command via run to set and view the wifi password. ncpa.cpl is basically a file that is executed directly from the computer’s hard drive storage where there is a certain machine code in it.

What is ncpa.cpl ?

ncpa.cpl is short for Microsoft Windows network connections properties control panel file which is a Windows file that operates as an operating system module. We can directly find the ncpa.cpl file in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.

When Windows starts, ncpa.cpl is automatically run as the main network connection property. Directly the file is loaded into main memory and then runs on the back screen via the service.

Function ncpa.cpl

The main function of ncpa.cpl is to run all networks including hardware and software so that they can be connected properly. In addition, users can also manage the network using ncpa.cpl including entering the wifi password.

Automatically ncpa.cpl will also save all passwords that have been connected to your device. It can be said how to view the wifi password on a computer is much easier because it is supported by ncpa.cpl operations.

How to View ncpa.cpl Wifi Password

So how can we easily see the ncpa.cpl Wifi password? You can actually directly access the control panel or command prompt, but people are confused because the layout is hidden. For more details, please refer to the following tutorial from Lupapin.com

1. The first thing please reconnect the device that has been connected.

how to see your own wifi password

2. Simultaneously press the button Windows + R to run Run. Automatically the display appears as below.

how to see wifi password on computer

3. Start typing the command ncpa.cpl then click Okay.


4. After that, the Control Panel appears with various networks that have been and are currently being connected. Click the one you want to know the wifi password for.

how to see connected wifi password on windows 10

5. Wifi Status will appear, for more details, please click Wireless Properties.

pc wifi

6. Then the properties page appears, please click the tab Security on the right.


7. WiFi network information will appear including the type of security, encryption and password. To bring up the Wifi password check Show Character.


8. Congratulations your Wifi password has appeared and can be used.

wifi password on pc


Like HOW TO CHANGE BALIFIBER WIFI PASSWORD, after it’s stored on your computer, you can view it using the ncpa.cpl feature. It can be concluded that how to view the ncpa.cpl Wifi password is very easy, so when you forget your password, you don’t have to worry about getting it back.

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