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8 ways to recover deleted photos on mobile

How to restore deleted photos on, Photos are a tool for most people to record memorable moments. Some people also store important data in a photo on their mobile phone. However, unexpected incidents may occur, the photo is deleted from the mobile gallery. This can certainly cause problems especially if the photo is considered important. Fortunately, there is now a way to restore deleted photos on a cell phone without an app.

How to restore deleted photos on mobile without an app

Users don’t have to bother installing additional apps to restore the photo. Want to know what the steps are? Pay attention to the following explanation.

  • The first process that needs to be done is to install the Google Photos application on the mobile phone.
  • Then, on the home page, tap the triple line icon located in the top right corner of the app.
  • After that, tap on the Trash (or Trash) menu that appears.
  • Well, the Trash page will show a number of photos that have been deleted before.
  • Tap the photo you want to restore as before.
  • Then, tap on the Restore (or Restore) button which is at the bottom right of the photo.
  • Now, previously deleted photos are back to normal.

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How to restore deleted photos on mobile with apps

Image restore application

For those who want to use a deleted photo recovery app, try the Restore Image app. This app is available for free to download from the Play Store. This app does not require the device to be rooted. The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the Restore Image application first on the mobile.
  • When the installation is complete, immediately enter the application.
  • On the front screen of the application, try tapping the Search menu for the image you want to restore and wait for the search process to complete. If so, select the photo folder you want to restore.
  • Once inside the folder, tap on the photo you want to recover. When you have, tap on Restore 1 images which will restore the photos that will be saved on the device.
  • The picture is saved directly in the restored image folder and also in the Gallery.


The most popular photo recovery apps for Android phones are not as good as the deleted image recovery that Android users want to recover like Disk Drill and other photo recovery apps for Windows and Mac, but they are useful. for simpler photo recovery tasks.

Just like photo recovery on a computer, your Android device must be rooted, but some Android photo recovery apps will work without root, including our pick, DiskDigger.

Follow these steps to recover deleted photos on Android:

  • Install DiskDigger from the Google Play Store.
  • Open DiskDigger and select one of the two supported scan methods.
  • Wait for DiskDigger to find your deleted images.
  • Select a photo for recovery.
  • Click the Restore button.

Phone Rescue

PhoneRescue by iMobie is the best photo recovery app for iPhone devices. There are three ways of vocational recovery. They help you recover deleted photos from your phone or computer.

This photo recovery app has the highest data recovery success rate. With it, you can recover photos, videos, messages, contacts and events. This application also helps to recover lost data from iTunes and iCloud.

PhoneRescue has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily recover files. To recover deleted photos, you need to follow three steps:

  • Select the recovery mode
  • Select the type of data you want to recover
  • Scan and select the file to retrieve

This recovery software also comes with an Android version. But it has fewer features than the iPhone version.


Recuva is a popular photo recovery app for Android and PC. It helps you easily recover deleted photos from memory card.

Apart from photos, this recovery software can retrieve various types of files. Some of these are music files, documents, videos or emails.

This photo recovery application scans the selected sectors and restores the file structure. Restoring the folder will also fix the names of the photos. This feature will make your life easier because you don’t have to search for your images in an anonymous file list.

Recuva is perfect for novice users. It comes with a recovery wizard to guide you through the process. And the app has an advanced deep scan mode that increases the chances of recovery.


FonePaw is one of the best photo recovery apps available for iPhone and Android devices. Both versions are excellent alternatives for recovering deleted photos. It also recovers deleted documents, contacts, notes, calendars, audio and video files.

The software has two data recovery modes:

Fast scan which allows you to retrieve most deleted files in minutes
Deep scanning, which takes several hours, but has a higher success rate

If you are not satisfied with the results of the first, you can run the second. After scanning the files, you can preview them and select the files you want to recover.

FonePaw is available as a single user or family license.


Another great photo recovery software for Android is Dumpster. Once installed on your device, this free app automatically backs up your photos. Once the image is deleted, Dumpster moves it to its recycle bin. After that, you can restore the image at any time.

It is important to determine the size and time of storage. You can decide how long the app should keep the lost images. Also, there is an option to save deleted files in a cloud backup. This is a big plus as it allows you to save disk space.

The app is free, but some features with paid cloud backup. However, most of the free features of this app are good enough to recover deleted images for free.


Undeleter is an Android photo recovery app that recovers deleted files from your SD card and phone’s internal storage.

Like other recovery apps, it works by scanning your phone’s storage and previewing deleted files before recovering them. But the app also backs up lost files to Dropbox and Google Drive. The files will then be synced to your cloud storage account. This is a good choice if you don’t want to burden your phone’s storage space with recovered files.

Undeleter also offers the option to permanently destroy any file. By using this feature, you can be sure that your files will never be taken even if you use a photo recovery application.

The best photo recovery app we recommend is efficient and easy to use. They will help you recover deleted photos on your phone and other types of files in seconds. The most important thing is to use reliable software to keep your data safe without damaging your device. We hope our list helps you find the best photo recovery app for you!


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