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8 Sites to Make Money Funds & Rupiah Without Deposit

Making money today is not only through working directly but now it’s there Money Making Site. So now you can easily make money. In addition to online money-making sites, there are still many money-making applications that we can currently find. What do you think is it?

Currently, we can use social media and the internet as best we can to generate income. Therefore as user or our users can take advantage of existing opportunities to benefit from social media. Therefore, here we will tell you a money-making site.

In this digital era, there are many opportunities that exist for us to make money online. It’s just how we as human resources take advantage of the opportunities and opportunities that exist. Well, one way you can start is by using a free money-making site.

About how halal money-making sites are and what sites we can use, below we have prepared the information.

Free Online Money Making Sites Without Invite Friends

Have you ever heard of how to earn money through apps or sites? But the most common condition is that we have to invite friends. Well this time will tell you how to make money through the site without inviting friends. And for sure this site is very worth it for you to try.

How about if you can’t wait to find out free money-making sites directly into your account? But before that you must know what is the difference between a site and a money-making application. Because if you hear it at a glance, people will think the two are the same, even though it’s clear that sites and applications are different.

If you are looking for fund balance generating site then you do not need to download an application. But if you use an application that generates a balance of funds, then you don’t have to look for a site. Because the site itself is not fixed and can only be accessed through an internet browser.

It’s different when you use an application that you have to download first and you have to register. So that’s the difference between the two, and below we have provided 5 sites that make money without capital, our team’s version, namely

Interested in the world of online design related to the web, logos and many things? Then you must try the site. Because on this site they provide a lot of work freelancer related to visual design. So if you are looking for a job this site can be tried.

In addition, you can earn money from this site through competitions they often hold. They sometimes hold competitions or competitions with quite tempting prizes for the participants. And the competitions held are still related to logo design, web, graphic design and so on.

Google Adsense


Who doesn’t know about Google Adsense? Where Google Adsense itself has been registered as one of the best money-making sites in 2022. Because with Google Adsense we can make money up to billions of rupiah. As long as you can follow the will and what is the target of Google.

For media that develop Google Adsense itself, there are many, ranging from websites, YouTube, Facebook and many more. You’re just looking for passion where are you and after that you can learn about how and the terms so that Google Adsense can pay you.



If you do have passion in the internet field such as website creation, logos and much more, you can try using the Sribulancer freelancer site. Here you will be offered many jobs that can fit into the schedule you have and of course not be tied down.

So when you are free and need additional income, then you can register as one of the freelancer on this one site. For registration itself, of course, this site is free. So you don’t have to worry about additional fees for registration.



Looking for a job online or commonly known as freelancer it’s not something difficult. As long as we want to try to find out and want to try it. And this can be realized for those of you who want to get additional income from home, by using the Fiverr site.

So if you don’t know the Fiverr site itself is a site that provides thousands of jobs freelance which can be accessed by anyone. As long as you have the required criteria listed on the website, you can try and register. And of course you can earn here.



Do you have online or digital works that have some selling value? Try uploading it to the Shutterstock site. Where this site will pay for digital works that are considered to have a selling value. This is not difficult to do, there are many works that they will accept for sale.

Starting from photos, music, vectors and many other types of digital works they accept. You can even try uploading photos that you took randomly but still have artistic value. Usually the Shutterstock site will still accept it and they will pay for the work.

The 3 Best Halal Money Making Sites 2022

Don’t choose the wrong crypto-producing site or balance, my friend. Because if you choose the wrong one, it could be that what you choose is an unofficial site and also not halal. That’s why you have to be careful about the origin of the site and how the process is being offered to us as partners user can earn money.

And because many people still don’t understand this, here we are trying to find you halal money making site. In addition to being halal, the site that we have prepared is also official and safe if you want to use it. So you don’t have to worry about it during use.

So make sure every site that generates your bank balance is halal and official then you can use it. This is to avoid things that are not desirable. For example, your balance is having problems, because this site is official there is a guarantee that they propose to claim the problematic balance.

Therefore, once again, you must understand and be smart in sorting out 2022 free money-making sites or applications. So that during the use process you can feel safe and calm. In order to understand more and be able to distinguish them, we will immediately give you 3 examples of the following halal balance generating sites.



For those of you who are an influencer and like to create content, you can try the Steemit site. Where this site is one of the money-making sites specifically for those of you who like to create content. In addition, if you provide comments, votes and so on, this can be taken into account.

So you just need to follow rules on the Steemit site and later you can earn money. It’s not so easy but because this can be done at home is a plus in itself. You don’t have to worry about a place to work and you can still earn money.

YouGov Indonesia


If you want to earn money easily then let’s try using the YouGov Indonesia site. This is a site that people usually use to do and request surveys. From the survey they do, if you follow the instructions, you can earn money.

For independent surveys, the difficulty level depends on the topic and what is being surveyed. But according to the admin itself, the survey carried out is still available for you to follow. So when there are opportunities and opportunities like this then you have to make the most of them.



If you are an online game player then you can try the Qmee site. Where this site is a money-making site that you can try to use if you have free time. So when you really have more time you can try it by following sites like Qmee.

You just need to follow the instructions given by Qmee in order to make money. And this has also been proven and is enough worth it for you to try too. So hurry up and visit the Qmee site and get your money online as soon as possible for free.

So, those are some sites that can be said to make money and you can try. If you are still curious about sites or applications that can make money, below, we have prepared a list of articles. Hopefully the information you are looking for is available, and we thank you.

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