7 Typical Ciamis West Java Foods that are Delicious and Worth Trying

Typical Ciamis Food – Discussing typical food, of course, will never end, especially the typical food of the archipelago, where each region must have it. Many have the same type of food but the taste is still different, so that’s what makes it special.

This time discusses typical Ciamis food. Who doesn’t know the name Ciamis, surely many do, right? One of the districts in West Java.

Ciamis has an area that is mostly highlands, but also beautiful coastal areas. Having a cold area and beaches make Ciamis a tourist destination.

Not only tourism, the Banjarsari Ciamis area also has delicious special foods. One that is widely known is Galendo.

Galendo is indeed very attached to the name Ciamis. But make no mistake, there are many more that are no less delicious. The following are various types of typical Ciamis food:

1. Pindang Mountain Typical Ciamis

A collection of typical Ciamis foods and how to make them via Yofi Pujiastuti[dot]blogspot[dot]com

From the name alone, you can already guess if this food has fish as the basic ingredients. At first glance, Pindang gunung looks like fish soup in general. But make no mistake it has a distinctive taste that is second to none.

In pindang gunung can use various types of fish including snapper, red snapper, tuna, and carwang. Pindang gunung processing still uses traditional spices that keep the taste delicious and authentic.

In addition, what makes pindang gunung special is the addition of kecombrang or honje in it. The taste of this pindang gunung is spicy, savory, fresh and sour. Very suitable to be enjoyed during the day.

Pindang gunung is mostly served in coastal areas, perhaps because the main raw materials such as fish are more abundant. If you want to enjoy this dish, there are many stalls selling it, the prices offered are affordable.

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2. Mie Golosor

Prepare Typical Food Ciamis_Mie Golosor - Bosmeal.com
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One of the famous from Ciamis is golosor noodles. It is called golosor because the texture of this noodle is different from other noodles, it is more slippery. So when you eat it immediately golosor.

The striking yellow color is the hallmark of golosor noodles. The appearance of the noodles is large like spaghetti. Usually it is processed into boiled or fried noodles without gravy. For the taste, there is no doubt that it is delicious.

If the noodles are usually made from wheat flour, not with golosor noodles, they are made from starch or aci. This is what makes the texture slippery.

Those of you who visit Ciamis and want to taste golosor noodles can visit the very famous H Oding Bakso stall. At the H Oding stall, golosor noodles are served with meatballs, minced meat and vegetables. Happy tasting.

3. Typical Food Ciamis Galendo

Camis Galendo's Typical Food Recipe - Bosmeal.com
Picture of Galendo Ciamis Typical Food with Coconut Filled

This is what became one of the famous foods in Ciamis, galendo. What is Galendo? If you know the processing of coconut oil, now Galendo is part of the results of that processing.

Galendo made from coconut. Then the coconut is taken coconut milk and then processed. The processing produces coconut oil and galendo. Galendo is a precipitate obtained from the dregs of processed coconut oil.

Even though it’s called dregs, it tastes really good. Previously, Galendo only had a savory taste and was widely used as a side dish for rice. But now with the advancement of the era, Galendo is made with various flavors.

From fruity, chocolate to cheese flavours. With a variety of flavors, it is not only used as a companion to rice, but also as a snack or as a friend to drink tea, it is very suitable.

Now Galendo has been packaged in an attractive way, so it can be used as souvenirs typical of Ciamis.

To get it is not difficult, many gift shops that sell it. For those of you who don’t have time to visit Ciamis, there are many online stores that sell it.

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4. Plug Gembrung

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Picture of Ciamis Food, West Java, Bandung City, West Java via Vionews[dot]Indo

Colok in Sundanese means skewer, as well as plug gembrung, which is food served by being stabbed like satay. But the main ingredient is not beef or chicken, but cow skin or often called kikil

Imagining cowhide must be tough, right, but not with plugged gembrung. Previously this cow skin or gravel was processed in such a way with spices. After it feels cooked, then it is stabbed like serving satay.

The thing that distinguishes colok gembrung from satay is the seasoning. Colok gembrung uses a special seasoning made from galendo.

Galendo will be mixed with other spices such as garlic and others, then smeared on the clotted stopper.

Colok gembrung is delicious served with rice cake or rice. Usually sold in the morning and widely used as a breakfast menu choice.

The price is not too expensive, good taste, and easy to find make plug gembrung much in demand.

5. Saroja Cake Typical Ciamis Food

Processed Ciamis Typical Food Seroja Cake - Bosmeal.com
Picture of Ciamis Saroja Typical Food Group via Kueseroja[dot]blogspot[dot]com

This typical Ciamis food does not include side dishes or heavy meals. Saroja cake is very famous as a typical Sundanese snack. Saroja cake shaped like a flower has a sweet and salty taste.

Not sweet and salty in one dish, but sweet or salty variants are available. Saroja cake is one of the traditional foods that still uses recipes passed down from generation to generation and the traditional way of processing it.

The basic ingredients used are rice flour mixed with wheat flour, various spices and added lime leaf slices to make salted saroja.

Saroja cakes are mostly served on certain occasions such as weddings or dishes when Eid arrives. Saroja cakes are usually sold by the kilo in the market. And there will be more stock before Eid arrives.

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6. Shredded and Beef Jerky

The Name of Ciamis Typical Food with Beef Jerky - Bosmeal.com
Image of the latest Ciamis Specialty Food Beef Jerky via Azamaviero[dot]com

Who doesn’t know this processed beef, such as beef jerky and shredded. Ciamis is very well known for this food. Jerky is usually processed in various dishes, such as fried or cooked with balado seasoning.

Jerky itself is preserved beef. The meat is thinly sliced ​​then seasoned and dried. Jerky can last a long time even if it is not stored in the refrigerator.

Jerky and shredded are practical side dishes, just eaten with warm rice is already delicious and will surely add many times. If you don’t believe me, just try it.

In Ciamis, many are sold raw and shredded beef jerky. These two foods can be used as an alternative choice for typical Ciamis souvenirs. The famous jerky is Rajawali jerky, Bu Iloh, please try it.

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7. Typical Food Ciamis Surabi

Special Food Surabi Ciamis All Kinds - Bosmeal.com
Picture of Ciamis Traditional Food, Kue Surabi

Hearing the words Surabi or Serabi may be familiar to the ears because it is one of the traditional cakes of Indonesian food. Although each region knows Surabi, there are differences in taste of course.

Likewise, this typical Ciamis surabi, a snack that is widely sold in the morning, has a distinctive taste, namely a savory taste variant. Although there is also surabi with a sweet taste.

This savory surabi is processed the same as surabi in general, but what sets it apart is the use of oncom topping on it. Are you curious about the taste?

Now for the sweet variant, there are now many choices of topping flavors, from chocolate to cheese. This is one of the strategies used so that traditional food remains in demand and does not become extinct.

For the price, don’t ask, it’s very affordable with a delicious and varied taste and of course filling. The right choice to try right?

Now, we have described some typical Ciamis foods that you can try when you visit or travel in Ciamis. Add it to your list of culinary tourism destinations.

Good luck trying the diversity of regional specialties in Indonesia.

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