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7+ Reasons Why TikTok Videos Can’t Publish 2022?? This is the solution!!

Not a few people complain that the video cannot be published or rather uploaded. There are many reasons why TikTok videos can’t be published.

As a content creator of TikTok, you should know what causes TikTok videos to not be published. The reason why this happens can be caused by internal and external factors so you should avoid it.

7 Reasons Why TikTok Videos Can’t Be Published

When you can’t publish a video on TikTok, you don’t need to panic too much. First understand what the cause is and then treat it according to the problem. Below is a further explanation:

1. TikTok Account Blocked

Generally, social media developers always set policies that each user needs to comply with. If not, then you have to bear the consequences, for example, blocking your tiktok account so you can’t access the application completely.

TikTok itself is one of the social media applications that quite often blocks an account. The reasons are very diverse, such as uploading sara-smelling content, containing pornographic elements, and so on.

The solution to being able to re-upload content is to make a complaint to TikTok or create a new account.

2. Video Infringes Copyright

For content creators on TikTok, copyright policies are very important to know. If you violate it, you can be exposed to copyright infringement with various risks, the worst is the account being blocked or caught in a legal case.

When a video you upload is detected to be copyright infringement, the system from TikTok usually prevents the video from being uploaded. If you suddenly can’t upload a video, try to check whether it’s copyright infringement or not.

Most often, copyright infringement occurs in the audio used. Please look up TikTok’s copyright policy to avoid the worst possible risk.

3. Old Version Apps

Periodically, the TikTok application will be updated both in terms of appearance and features. You are recommended to update every time an update notification appears on the device.

Do not use the old version of the TikTok application for too long because it can cause various problems. What are they? one of them is not being able to publish videos.

Updates are very important to optimize the performance of the system. You can also enjoy a variety of the latest feature offerings that are better than before.

4. Too Much App Cache

Too Much App Cache

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

When an application is used, it will generally always generate a cache. Cache itself contains programming language regarding an action on the system. The more you do activities on the application, the cache will accumulate.

We recommend clearing the cache periodically to avoid cleaning it periodically. The trick is to visit the settings menu, then look for application and storage options. Find the TikTok app, then tap to open it.

Select the cache menu, then after the clear cache option appears, just click on that section. The process will run for a while, make sure to wait for it to finish.

5. Check the Quality of the Internet Connection Used

The internet plays an important role in the operation of TikTok. Therefore you need to know how the quality of the connection is to avoid various kinds of obstacles.

Sometimes, you will find it difficult to publish content due to unstable network connection. Especially if the uploaded video is large enough. Usually even though it doesn’t fail during the upload process, it takes a very long time to load.

The way to optimize mobile data that is down is to turn on airplane mode for a while. After that, try to try to publish the desired video again.

6. TikTok Servers Down

Sometimes when a TikTok system update occurs, the application will be down. Only this didn’t last long. A sign when the server is down is that it cannot be used to perform some activities or even all of it.

Users must be patient because the repair takes time. If it takes too long, you can file a complaint with the developer through existing facilities such as the help menu or the official email.

7. Problem Phone

Another factor why you can’t publish content is that the phone you’re using is having problems. The causes are many, one of which is because the memory is too full so there is no free storage space.

If the cause of the problem on the phone is memory full, then the solution is to delete data or applications that are no longer needed.

Meanwhile, if the problem is due to other factors, then the solution is to refresh. There are many problems that can be solved by doing this refresh, for that you can try it first before taking it to a repairman.

That’s a brief discussion of why TikTok videos can’t be published. You should immediately take action so that the TikTok application that you are using can function properly as before. Don’t let it stay in trouble for too long.

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