7 Newest Online Cinema Ticket Buying Applications 2022

For those of you who like to go to the cinema, then you also have to know how to order tickets online. This will make it easier for you not to go too far to access the place that sells it. You can also use several supporting online cinema ticket applications that you can use to order watching tickets online.

So you no longer need to search for outlets that sell tickets for your favorite cinema right now. With the help of this kind of application, you will save time and other expenses. In addition, you can also make transactions in a safe way and do not need to use the services of ticket brokers who sell at high prices.

The method is very easy, you only need to download this online cinema ticket application into your favorite cellphone. Then order tickets according to the seat number you want and then come to watch the cinema according to the schedule. Thus, you can do this activity in a succinct manner and not spend a lot of energy.

For those of you who don’t know what types of online cinema ticket applications you can download for use. Then you are on the right website, because this time the admin will provide various types of related applications. That way you can search for it via the internet and book movie tickets easily.

See some related application references below:

Various Types of Websites and Online Cinema Ticket Applications

There are at least 5 kinds of online cinema ticket websites or applications that you can use as a reference if you need to order movie tickets. Where you don’t need to look for ticket seller outlets or other brokers if you use this kind of application. You only need to enter the application and order tickets online using a safe method along with the transaction.

Some of the applications in question are:

Web Cinema XXI

The first online cinema ticket application we recommend to you is the Cinema XXI website. Where this website you can access using a browser on your Android phone. You can order related cinema tickets online and adjust the title of the film you are going to watch. You can also choose a seat number and find out the film’s show schedule.

Web & App Cinepolis

Furthermore, there is Cinepolis which you can also easily access or download to your cellphone if you need to use it. Where this one application you can easily use to order cinema tickets online. That way you will get tickets in a fast way.

You can book tickets for the related theaters using a simple and easy to do method. Because this application or website has provided many choices of watching tickets according to the title of the film that will be shown. You can even find out the screening schedule of the film.

CGV Web & App

CGV is also one of the recommendations for online cinema ticket applications that you can make the best alternative at this time. Where everyone can directly order movie tickets using this application or website. Because this application does provide a large number of related cinema tickets, namely CGV.

You can easily access the website using the browser on your Android phone. Or you can also install the application from an official provider such as the Play Store or the App Store. You can immediately choose the type of film you like and then order a ticket and adjust your seat number.

Web & App Gotix

You can easily order cinema tickets using the Gotix website or application with an easy and fast process. Where you can adjust ticket bookings according to the available seat numbers. Then you can make payment for the order using a method that is definitely safe.

You can find out a list of movie titles that will be shown according to their respective schedules. Thus, you can order tickets according to the title of the film that will be screened at the relevant cinema. You can also specify the seat number where you sit while watching the film.


TIX ID is a good alternative and you can download it to your favorite Android phone. Then use it when you need to book cinema tickets online. This online cinema ticket application can help you make it easier to order movie tickets you want.

So when you need a ticket to watch a movie, but the place to buy it is quite far. Then you can do it easily using the TIX ID application in just your hand. That way, all of your ordering processes will be faster and certainly safer.

Web & App Bookmyshow

Bookmyshow allows you to book tickets and book seats online. You can access this website using the browser on the smartphone you are using. Or install the application via the internet as your assistant media to order tickets to make it easier.

In addition, this one application is also very compatible for several devices such as Android and iOS phones. So you will have no difficulty when you want to access this one application anytime you want.


As an e-commerce application that is already quite popular, you can also order tickets to watch movies online using the Shopee application. Where you can also at the same time determine the seat as you wish. You can download this application to your cellphone for free.


Of the many types of online cinema ticket applications that we have shared on the top page of this article. Then you can then decide for yourself that you want to use the website or application that is considered the most possible.

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