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7 Free and Easy Tiktok Follower Increase Sites

Without lots of followers on TikTok, we cannot use features such as adding a link in the bio and also Live on Tiktok. For that, I will tell you some free Tiktok follower sites for you.

There are many ways to get TikTok followers, whether it’s paid, organic, or by using tools or tools to increase followers such as additional follow sites circulating on the Internet for free.

Without the need to pay people or buy an account with 1000 followers, here are some sites that can be used to easily increase the number of followers on Tiktok for free.

List of Tiktok Free Follower Provider Sites

There are lots of sites to increase the number of followers on Tiktok, but here I will share some popular sites that really aim to increase Tiktok followers for free and fast.

Try some of the sites below to increase your followers on Tiktok.

1. TikFuel


One of the most popular is the TikFuel site which was developed to increase the number of followers of your Tiktok account.

This site provides a variety of services to add followers both free and paid. How to use it is very easy, just verify your email and enter your account.

After a few minutes, your Tiktok account will get 125 Tiktok followers, and if you want more than that, an additional fee will be charged.

2. TikFans


Tikfans is one of the sites that you can use to get followers for free on Tiktok.

Even though some of the followers you get from this site are bots, it will still be profitable because TikTok does not have a follower bot detection program or not to be removed. Not bad, if you have 1000 followers, you can live and post your bio on Tiktok.

However, some of these free followers are also real accounts, because the method of getting followers is that you have to follow each other first.

You can use TikFans without having to install an application, just go to the Tikfans website and then follow the steps available on the site.

3. Tik Followers

Like the name of the website, this site provides free followers for you up to 500 follower accounts specified on the website.

The method to get followers is also easy, just follow other people and you will get a follower bonus according to the task you are doing.

Because it’s free, some pages will show ads that are less annoying.

4. TikFreeFollowers


TikFreeFollowers is another website to get Tiktok followers for free easily. More than 250 thousand users have used this website to give followers and likes to other accounts in need.

Even though the followers are not real, aka bots, but it’s also okay to add more hehe.

The advantage on this site is that you don’t need to register or login to any kind of account to get followers. So it seems easy because you just have to enter the website’s captcha.

5. FreeTikFollowers


FreeTikFollowers is a website where you can get free followers. In addition to getting Tiktok followers, here you can also increase the number of views and likes on Tiktok videos that you have posted.

There are also paid packages that offer both quality and quantity of TikTok followers on this site. Just try the free one first.

6. Free Social Followers

social follower free

Seen in the name, Social Follower Free, of course, providing social media followers for free, in this case, for your TikTok account.

This site is free to get several followers, but there are also paid premium plans to get 1000 to 10000 followers easily and with quality.

Just try the free version first, then if you are satisfied you can use the paid premium one.

7. TKBooster


Somewhat different from the others, this is a tool that must be installed through a Chrome extension. TKBooster is a Chrome Extension that can give you free followers on Tiktok.

The way it works is by following to follow, where if you follow one person then other people will help you by following you. Therefore, the more you follow people on Tiktok, the more followers you will have.

In addition to followers, here there is also a like for like service which means you can add likes to your video posts on Tiktok and of course FYP will be faster and invite people to follow your account.


Some of the sites above average use the follow to follow method, that is, you will get followers when you follow other people on Tiktok. To get it more easily and quickly, just pay for it and use the premium features of one of the sites.

But if you don’t want to bother reaching an account of 1000 followers, you can buy it on a marketplace site that provides Tiktok accounts for more than 1000 followers.

Good luck and good luck. If there is a dangerous site or asks to login using an account, then refuse it immediately because it can result in the account being lost.



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