7 Cheap Android Phones With NFC Features That Are Still Worth It For 2018

Are you looking for an Android smartphone with NFC features but at an affordable price? Lately the NFC feature has become one of the requirements for a dream smartphone for some people. Offering various conveniences in terms of electronic transactions, now mobile phones with NFC features are in great demand.

In the past, NFC-featured smartphones had expensive prices. But now various world smartphone manufacturers have started to produce a smartphone with NFC at a relatively affordable price.

Now for those of you who plan to look for an Android smartphone with NFC features, in the following article DroidMagz will provide recommendations: 7 Cheap Android Phones With NFC Features That Are Still Worth It For 2018 .

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

We still highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 for those of you who are planning to find a cheap NFC smartphone. Currently, the market price for new is still in the range of 3 million and the used price is in the range of 2 million.

The performance of the 2016 A5 is also not bad, even according to the admin, the 2016 A5 is still more worth buying than its younger brother, the A5 2017. The camera capabilities are also still better than the successor, let’s say the OIS feature that you won’t get in the latest A5 series but you can still enjoy on the A5 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the Samsung flagships is still worthy of being the next candidate, in addition to carrying specifications that are still worth it for now, the Galaxy S6 also has a pretty good design. Moreover, there is an EDGE variant which is one of the requirements to enter the ranks of the latest mobile phones.

For the price of this new type, it is still quite high and it is quite difficult to get stock of really new items, but for the price of a second Samsung Galaxy S6 it is very affordable for now.

Xiaomi Mi 5

One of the phenomenal Xiaomi series at a really affordable price, with very complete features and above average camera capabilities, Mi 5 deserves to be a game gadget. There is no doubt about hardware specifications, Xiaomi is often referred to as a market destroyer brand.

Plus a very beautiful design wrapped in glass material, it doesn’t feel wrong if Mi 5 is included in this list. Maybe one of the shortcomings of the Mi 5 is only the warranty issue, where this type is not officially sold in Indonesia.


Furthermore, one brand that comes from a K-PoP country, is the LG Q6. This mid-end smartphone from LG has just been launched, with a very affordable price tag (less than 3 million rupiah). The Q6 is suitable for those of you who are a little allergic to second-hand phones.

The specifications it carries are sufficient to deal with various applications that will be released next year, even LG guarantees that this series will get a new version of Android updates in the future.

Nokia 6

Who is not familiar with this one brand, once became the king of the Nokia mobile world, then disappeared and was sold to Microsoft. Now nokia is back in the realm of the world Smartphone market under the HMD Global banner.

For the price itself, Nokia 6 is still affordable with a variety of features that are brought as well as quality assurance from Nokia products.

Lenovo K4 Note

From Lenovo, we have a recommendation for the Vibe K4 Note series, which is in the price range of 2 million, the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note can be an alternative for those of you who are already in love with Lenovo products.

One of the advantages of this K4 Note is that it supports VR technology, even in the sales package we will get an AntVR bonus in the purchase package.

Asus Zenfone 2

A series that is quite old but armed with qualified specifications, it seems that this Zenfone 2 variant is worthy of representing Asus on this list. Armed with 4GB RAM capacity with 64GB ROM, Zenfone 2 is still able to bulldoze applications next year. Maybe the problem of battery consumption on the processor it carries is one of the drawbacks.

Even though it is a fairly old product, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML is still very easy to find in new condition. Moreover, the very affordable price is the reason why we chose him as a representative of the Asus brand.


So, that was the recommendation from DroidMagz about choosing a cheap Android phone with NFC features that are still eligible for 2018. Of all the types we recommend, is there anything that interests you?

The decision-making parameters for all the suggestions above are Price, Specifications, Year of release, Third party support, Ecosystem variants, after sales vendors and some personal opinions from admins.

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