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7 Best Long Hairstyles For Girls

Long hairstyles are still favored by many women. The reason is, this one hairstyle will give the impression of being elegant and feminine.

In addition, long hair models can also be styled in various styles, ranging from ponytails, hair bun style, braided, and much more.

Here’s an inspiration for long hair styles that you can try.

Long Hair Style Inspiration


long hair style
Photo: Right Hairstyles

This long hairstyle will make your appearance look fresh without making many changes to your hair that falls down to your back.

If you have thick enough hair, then you can cut your hair with a model layer. This model will make your hair look voluminous and give a dimensional effect.

If interested in trying pieces layer, you can adjust to the shape of the face.

Use bangs

long hair style
Photo: Neck

With bangs on your long hairstyle, it will give a sweet and youthful effect. Especially for those of you who lack confidence and have a wide forehead, then using bangs is the right choice.

There are various styles of bangs that you can try, such as blunt bangs, see-through bangs the style of South Korean girls, to the side bangs that frame the face perfectly.


Bob |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate
Photo: Right Hairstyles

Hair style bob not only owned by short hair, but long hair can also try this one hairstyle. Model cut bob can be used for all face shapes by adding variety layer.

Top knot

Top knots |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate
Photo: Hairstyles

Having long hair is sometimes hot, especially when it comes to summer. However, on the other hand you also still love your long hair and don’t want to cut it short.

Therefore, to get around it so you don’t get too hot is to tie your hair in a bun or bun top knot. You can also try top half knot by tying part of the hair and the other part of the hair is loose.


long hair style
Photo: Pinkston – The Effortless Chic

Braids are a mainstay when you want to look more elegant. Braiding your hair will also not make you hot.

There are various braid styles that you can try, such as braiding the entire hair, braiding half hair slightly loose, to trying braided bangs.


Shaggy |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate
Photo: Housekeeping

Hair style Rough can also be an inspiration for long hair.

Piece Rough will make the face look thinner, so this cut is suitable for those of you who have a round face. You can add bangs to make your appearance more charming.

jelly perm

long hair style

Tired of straight hair? So, you can change your appearance by using a long hairstyle jelly.

This one model can also be called hippie perm because of its curly and impressive shape untidy. A line of South Korean artists have tried modeling jelly perms, such as Jisoo and Jennie Blackpink, IU, Hyuna, to Karina Aespa.

Tips for Caring for Long Hair

tips for caring for long hair |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate

Having a long hair style certainly requires extra care so that the hair is not damaged or falling out. Therefore, here are some hair care tips that can be done at home.

Don’t wash your hair too often

The first thing to note is try not to wash it too often. It is feared that the hair will become dry and break easily. Therefore, try to wash your hair at least 1-2 times a week.

Cut the ends of the hair regularly

The next tip is to cut the ends of the hair regularly.

This is done to reduce hair breakage, prevent hair from splitting, and support hair growth to keep it healthy.

You can cut your hair regularly at least once every 4-6 weeks.

Use the right product

Choose the right shampoo according to your hair type to keep your hair healthy. If you carelessly choose shampoo products, it is feared that your hair will be damaged.

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After using shampoo, it is recommended to use conditioner so that the hair is kept moisturised, and is softer and more manageable.

Pay attention to how to dry your hair

After shampooing, it is recommended to let wet hair dry by itself. This is useful so that the hair is not easily damaged.

However, if you are in a hurry or want to use a towel, try not to rub your hair against the towel, and use a hairdryer on the lowest heat.

Recommended Products for Long Hair

Erhair Hairgrow Shampoo with Panax Ginseng & Pumpkin Seed Extract

Erhair Hairgrow Shampoo with Panax Ginseng Pumpkin Seed |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate

One of the enemies of having long hair is hair that falls out easily.

To keep your hair strong and healthy, you can try Erha’s shampoo. This shampoo will provide nutrients that can grow new hair, reduce hair loss, and promote blood microcirculation.

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo

LOreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo |  |  7 Women's Long Hairstyles that are Easy to Imitate

Having colored hair definitely needs more care. One shampoo that can be tried is from L’Oreal.

This shampoo is specifically designed for colored hair, so that the hair color stays longer, and the color luster is maintained.

In addition, this shampoo is also useful for protecting hair from free radicals that cause color degradation.

Pantene Total Damage Treatment Shampoo

long hair style

Shampoo Pantene will provide treatment for damaged hair.

This shampoo has a Pro-V formula that can maintain protein bonds to overcome hair damage, and help prevent split ends in the future even in three months.


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