7 Best Free Video Calling Apps on Android

BThanks to the development of technology, video calling has changed the way most people communicate today. Through video calls, it is possible for us to be able to see the other person we are talking to.

Recently, since the virus pandemic hit almost all over the world, activities that utilize this technology have increased rapidly. Many people use video calls for various activities, such as meetings, teaching to just chatting with friends or family.

Well, for those of you who might be looking for the best video calling application, through this article we will share a list 7 of the best video calling apps on Android.

1. WhatsApp

In the first place is the instant messaging application with the highest number of users, WhatsApp. Since being acquired by Facebook a few years ago, this instant messaging application has continued to innovate. Starting from only supporting txt and voice messages, WhatsApp can now be used for video calls up to 4 people.

Even reportedly updated later, this application can be used up to 8 participants in one group video call.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

One of the features on the Facebook social network is that we can actually use it to make video calls. Initially, Messenger was created for Facebook users who wanted to communicate privately with other users of the service.

But along with its development, Facebook continues to provide various innovations in one of the features of this service, until now Messenger has become a separate service from Facebook. The latest news says, Facebook presents a group video call feature for up to 50 participants in this application.

3. Google Duo

Google Duo

Not wanting to be left behind, Google also has a video calling service. Its name is Google Duo, launched since 3 years ago this application has undergone various developments. Offering high-quality video calling services makes Duo one of the most downloaded video calling apps on the Google Play Store, in addition to good call quality, Google Duo also offers group video calling features for up to 12 people.

4. Skype


Not only Google, Microsoft also has its own video calling service. Skype is probably the oldest and most popular video calling service on this list, launched in 2003 and then skype has quite a number of active users. Moreover, Skype is a multi-platform service, no wonder this one application has a long life.

5. Zoom Cloud Measurement

Zoom Cloud Measurement

This application has skyrocketed since the implementation of social distancing due to the corona virus pandemic. Offering video calling services for up to 25 participants, Zoom is widely used by professionals. This service is indeed focused on office activities such as meetings, but that doesn’t mean that Zoom can’t be used to just chat casually with friends or friends.



One of the best-selling instant messaging services today, Line offers a variety of interesting features that will pamper its users. One of the mainstay features of line is its free group video calls, the great thing is that video calls can be used by 200 participants at once in one conference.

However, even though there are a large number of participants participating in the video call, Line limits the participants who appear on the call screen to a maximum of 4 people.

7. WeChat


Being one of the instant messaging applications with the most users, WeChat is indeed less well known in Indonesia when compared to WhatsApp or Line. However, because the majority of users of this application come from the country with the largest population in the world, its presence cannot be underestimated.

Wechat also has a free video call service, the service can accommodate up to 9 participants in one conference.

Well that’s it 7 Best Free Video Calling Apps on Android which we think is worth a try. Actually there are many other applications that have similar functions, but through several considerations such as ease of use, we only recommend the seven applications above.

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