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6 Recommended Movies Similar to Drifting Home Anime (2022)

Drifting Home is an anime film with a fantasy genre. This 2-hour film has ratings for all ages. Although it tells the story of a group of children, the message in this film applies to all ages. Especially for those who are trying to move forward from the past.

So, are there other anime movies that are similar to Drifting Home? Don’t worry, Bacaterus has made a list of six recommended anime films that are similar to films Drifting Home or Ame wo Tsugeru Hyouryuu Danchi.

The six lists of recommendations are seen in terms of similarities ranging from storylines, characters, friendship stories to similar messages. Come on, find out anything!

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1. Kokoro Connect

This film tells the story of five students at Yamaboshi Academy who feel they don’t fit into the club at their school. Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yui Kiriyama and Yoshifumi Aoki who have different personalities then form the Student Culture Association called ‘StuCS’.

Until one day, the five children experienced strange events without warning. They swap bodies in a short time and randomly.

However, as the phenomenon continues to occur between them, they begin to realize that it is real. And now, they are forced to get closer and forced to discover the emotional secrets of each other that could even destroy their friendship.

In terms of genre and age rating, this film may differ from Drifting Home. In this film tells the story of a group of high school students, while in Drifting Home the characters are elementary school children. However, the themes of friendship, sympathy and the process of growing up in this film are similar to Drifting Home.

Especially about a supernatural event that forces a group of classmates who are experiencing the experience together. They have to deal with their own thoughts and emotions. So, everyone can survive together.

2. Kiznaiver

movie like drifting home_Kiznaiver_

Katsuhira Gata is a quiet teenage boy who has lost his pain. Chidori Takashiro is Katsuhira’s friend who can only remember the figure of his friend before experiencing the big change.

Now Katsuhira becomes the target of bullying because of his quiet nature. Even so, the bullies only managed to make Katsuhira blink.

One day, Katsuhira, Chidori and four other teenagers are kidnapped and forced to join the ‘Kiznaivers’ of the Kizuna system. This Kizuna system is an incomplete system for the implementation of world peace that connects people through wounds.

Kizuna’s system allows those who join to share his wounds, and link them with other members. Those who join will feel the same pain if one of the members is injured.

Kiznaiver with Drifting Home has a similar plot, especially in the introspection part of the characters. The characters in this film also experience an unbelievable event. In fact, they can feel real physical and emotional pain.

However, Kiznaiver more melodramatic than Drifting Home. Mainly because in this film the characters experience an event that is planned to create conflict. Temporary Drifting Home experience natural conflicts stemming from their life experiences.

However, both of them contain elements of the theme of friendship, loneliness and sympathy with different age genres.

3. A Letter to Momo

film mirip drifting home_A Letter to Momo_

Momo, an 11-year-old girl who moves to an old remote island in the Inland Seto sea with her mother after the unexpected death of her father.

The only memory Momo had was a letter from her father that had not yet been written. Surprisingly, the letter only consisted of two words ‘To my dearest Momo’, which made her heart waver.

In a new and unfamiliar small town, Momo reluctantly tries to adjust to conditions that seem outdated. One day, after finding an old picture book about youkaiMomo began to experience strange occurrences of being greeted by three youkai which is troublesome.

Momo e no Tegami or A Letter to Momo tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to adapt to her strange new life. Until finally Momo made peace with his father’s mysterious letter.

This film bears some resemblance to Drifting Home in terms of character struggles who try to make peace with their emotions. Especially the way to deal with the loss they experience. In addition, both of them also have supernatural elements in their storylines, although the supernatural events they go through are different.

4. Child of Kamiari Month

film mirip drifting home_Child of Kamiari Month_

Kanna Hayama is a sixth grade elementary school girl who loves running. Unfortunately, the thing he likes is now the source of his sadness because of the loss of his mother, Yayoi.

Until one day, Kanna experiences an unexpected event that makes her discover the truth about her mother. Kanna meets a messenger of the gods in the form of a rabbit named Shiro and a demon child named Yasha.


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