6 Recommended Applications That Are More Recent Hits, You Must Have!

Today, there are so many applications available and can be used as freely as possible for both Android and iPhone devices. Well, among the many applications, there are several applications that are hits and popular which are being widely used and form a new trend.

When using this hit application, you will get various current features.

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Not only will you benefit from the features contained in the application, you will also not miss the trend that is developing among smartphone users.

So, what are the applications that are hits and popular that must exist? Come on, keep reading this article until the end.

List of Applications that are More Hits and Interesting to Use

Talking about applications that are more hits, of course you will get lots of applications with different categories. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss several applications that are quite well known and have become a hot issue among today’s smartphone users.

What are the applications in question? Check out the reviews!

1. Camera 51 – A Smarter Camera

For those of you who are looking for a camera application that hits Instagram again, then Camera 51 is one of the applications that is widely discussed. This camera app is even called one of the best at the moment.

What is the reason?

Many people say that this application has a variety of supporting features that are so impressive. For example, there are auto framing features, auto selfies, manual object selection and others. With these various features, taking pictures will be easier and the results will look more attractive.


  • It has quite complete features
  • Provides maximum shots without the need for additional editing applications
  • Quite easy to use


  • Purchase option is quite expensive to get full features
  • There are many ads that appear
App Name Camera 51 – A Smarter Camera
Developer Camera 51
minimal OS Android 4.3 and above
Size 18 MB
Number of downloads More than 1,000,000
Rating Google Play 4.1/5.0

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2. Picai Smart AI Camera

Another interesting camera application for you to use to get maximum shots is the Picai Smart AI Camera. This is a camera app that is still a hit on TikTok and is quite widely used by TikTok content creators. As the name suggests, one of the interesting things about this application is the built-in AI technology.

Picai Smart AI Camera is not an ordinary camera app. The reason is, this one application provides more than 100 interesting filters with quite impressive effects. With this camera, even ordinary smartphone camera specifications can get shots like flagships!


  • It has quite complete features, especially filters
  • Quite easy to use with a simple UI design interface
  • Can maximize the quality of the built-in camera


  • Requires a fairly high Android system
  • The rating obtained is still relatively low
App Name Picai – Smart AI Camera
Developer HPCNT SG Pte.Ltd
minimal OS Android 6.0 and above
Size Varies according to the device used
Number of downloads More than 100,000
Rating Google Play 3.9/5.0

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3. Google Camera

Love taking selfies and want to get better selfies than before? Well, Google Camera can be an additional application that you can use for free!

This application is indeed included in the list of selfie applications that are hits and are widely used by smartphone users. One of the reasons why this application has many enthusiasts is because of the various features that will make photos look better and more attractive.

Not only that, Google Camera has a fairly complete camera mode to use. Some of them are panorama, portrait, lens blur, photo booth and others including slow motion.


  • Developed by a big developer who is already very famous
  • The camera mode offered is very complete
  • Many effects and other features that support the shots


  • There are paid options with costs that tend to be expensive
App Name Google Lens
Developer Google LLC
minimal OS Varies according to the device used
Size Varies according to the device used
Number of downloads More than 1,000,000
Rating Google Play 4.6/5.0

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4. Canva

Canva is also included in the list of applications that are currently the most used hits. The reason is, this application is not only a popular photo editing application but also an application that can be relied upon to create a variety of other graphic products including flyers, banners, logos and others.

What’s interesting about this application is the complete editing features. Not only there are various editing tools to produce special works, you will also find lots of templates that can be used for free.

Canva also has a simple UI design. Thus, this application offers ease of use.


  • Has a lot of templates
  • The editing features offered are quite complete
  • Can create many different graphic products


  • Special category templates are often paid
  • The application is large enough that it is quite heavy to run
App Name Canva: Design, Photo & Video
Developer Canva
minimal OS Varies according to the device used
Size Varies according to the device used
Number of downloads More than 100,000,000
Rating Google Play 4.8/5.0

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5. Traditional Javanese Wedding

Traditional Javanese Wedding is a photo editing application to be a bride that is going viral with quite impressive results. As the name suggests, this photo editing application will help you edit photos with results like a bride in Javanese attire.

One of the most popular video editing applications on Instagram has quite a lot of interesting features. Some of the features available in it are templates with a variety of very unique Javanese clothes.


  • It has quite complete features
  • Using the application is very easy
  • There is an editing menu that is quite complete


App Name Javanese Traditional Wedding
Developer Icarosite
minimal OS Android 4.0 or above
Size 10.03 MB
Number of downloads More than 100,000
Rating Google Play 3.7/5.0

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6. Wombo

Another application that is currently popular is Wombo. This application is a singing photo application that is again hits. That’s right, by using this application, the photos you edit will appear singing accompanied by backsound.

What’s interesting about this application is the AI ​​technology embedded in it. Armed with this technology, Wombo can adjust the facial structure to make editing results more perfect.


  • The features offered are quite complete
  • There is a large collection of effects and backgrounds
  • Already have AI technology


  • The number of ads that appear
  • There are bugs on some devices
App Name Wombo
Developer Wombo Studios.Inc
minimal OS Android 5.1 or above
Size 24.25 MB
Number of downloads More than 50,000,000
Rating Google Play 4.4/5.0

You can choose some of the more popular applications to install, or you can also download all of the applications above to keep up with the latest trends.

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