6 Portraits of Maxime Bouttier, Prilly Latuconsina’s Ex-Girlfriend Who Entered Hollywood Films

BERITASEBELAS.COM – Maxime Bouttier is involved in a Hollywood production film titled Ticket to Paradise. No half-hearted in the film he collided acting with Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

The film, produced by Universal Pictures, will be screened in cinemas in Indonesia and around the world on October 21, 2022.

One of the filming locations directed by the director of “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again” is apparently in Bali.

So, here’s a portrait of Maxime Bouttier that was compiled by the following various sources:

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1. Maxime Andre Selam Bouttier was born on April 22, 1993. Apart from being an actor, Maxime is also known as a director, model, and musician.

Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

2. Maxime Bouttier is apparently good at playing the guitar. Recently, Maxime and his band have often appeared in cafes performing cover songs. Maxime also acts as a vocalist you know!

Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

3. Maxime Bouttier appeared in a unique fashion style during a visit to Universal Studios. Maxime still wears character hats to clear plastic raincoats confidently.

Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

4. In the film “Ticket of Paradise”, Maxime Bouttier will compete acting with Kaitlyn Dever. This 25-year-old American actress will play Maxime’s lover in the film directed by Ol Parker.

Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

5. While in real life, Maxime Bouttier has not introduced the woman who has filled his heart again since breaking up with Prilly Latuconsina. Maxime was close to Dea Annisa or known by her stage name Dea Imut, but there has been no further confirmation.

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Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

6. As a musician, Maxime Bouttier was quite accomplished. In 2018, Maxime was nominated for Best Male/Female Rock/Rock Instrumental Solo Artist at Anugerah Musik Indonesia with his work entitled “Make Your Day”.

Potret Maxime Bouttier (Instagram/@bouttier_maxime)

Not much to show off, Maxime Bouttier managed to prove if his acting skills are recognized abroad. What do you think?

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