6 Free And Easy-to-Use PC Video Editing Software

Not only smartphones that provide free video editing applications, but there is also free software designed for PCs. There is also a lot of software available. But this time, we will describe some free PC video editing software from the many choices.

Indeed, there are many applications and software that can be used without any discount. But even though it’s free, the features in it are no less interesting and sophisticated. The following are some reviews of these applications, including:

6 Free PC Video Editing Software

1. Movie I

In the first order there is a software called IMovie, this software can be used for free on a computer or PC. Even though it’s free, there are lots of available features in it. Such as color gradation, narration and so on.

In addition, it also includes several features to modify the video and also increase the color of the video. If there is one part of the clip on the video that is not good, then with this software the user can cut it. Also some other advanced features.

2. Shortcuts

Second there is software with the name Shortcut. The main advantage it has is that it is an application that can be used for free and is also multi-platform. In addition, this shortcut can also support videos with 4K resolution.

There are many filter options that can be used to edit videos even though this software is free. This application is also equipped with a feature that can record audio. There are also various other features that can be used to beautify videos.

3. Mixer

The next application is called Blender. Even though the name is like a fruit crusher, Blender is the name of a free PC video editing software and users can try it. This application is available for Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Even if the user likes to create animations, then this application has features to assist in making animated videos. But of course it has a basic feature, which is to cut or splice videos. But for beginners this application may look complicated.

4. Light work

There is more software for pc and of course it can be used for free. The size of this application is also quite small, only around 67 MB to 90 MB. Of course, this software has basic skills in video editing.

One of its capabilities is that it can be used to create 4K Movie projects or just videos to fill content. There are many supporting features available in it. So, users don’t need to download a lot of software to edit videos.

5. Machete Lite

Fifth is Machete lite which is made for video editing and is not paid. The memory capacity required is also not too large, which is only about 2.5 MB. This application will be very suitable when used for simple video editing.

Even if there are disturbing frames in the video, the Machete application can be removed. In addition, users can also separate parts of the video and save them individually. Furthermore the video track can also be deleted.

6. Filmora

The last software that will be mentioned this time is a software called Filmora. Filmora is also one of the free video editing software that can of course be used on a PC. In addition, this application is also easy to use.

One of the features that Filmora has is that it can be used to record screens. However, when editing using this application, the resulting video will have a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark, you need a paid pro feature.

Those are some free PC video editing software that users can use. Users certainly know that each software must have its own advantages and features. Therefore, choose the software that is suitable for the user.

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