5 Ways To Take Care Of Chili To Change Fast

Bosscha.id – Gardening has certainly become a trend since Covid-19 occurred since March 2020. Moreover, almost everyone is gardening to fill their days or busyness at home.

Moreover, more than one plant is now becoming scarce because of a sufficiently high demand. Now with the scarcity of the plant, the price has soared.

Now the flora planted by residents is also very diverse, such as vegetables, ornamental plants, spices, and fruits. Not only as a decoration in the house, gardening can also save expenses for our food ingredients.

Likewise with growing chilies that can be used as home ingredients. But before understanding how to care for chilies by ensuring watering, pruning and fertilizing.

Well, in this article the admin will try to add 5 ways to treat chili so that it changes quickly that you must know as below.

1. Do watering

Planting chilies can now be done by sprinkling with enough water once a day.

However, if the summer goes on then you just need to water the flora twice a day.

Well, if the rainy season strikes, then you no longer have to do watering every day. You also have to pay attention to how to water it.

Do not let there be puddles of water on the ground. This is because there is so much water. Moreover, not only that, if the chili plants want to bear fruit, then flush the chili plants with water used for washing rice.

2. Fertilization

So, so that the chili plants get fertile quickly, then you can fertilize every two weeks. You can add additional fertilizers such as compost, manure and organic.

Then put the fertilizer on the surface of the soil if you plant it in a pot. However, if you plant it immediately, then put the fertilizer into the soil close to it.

3. Perform filtering

Filtering is one way so that chili plants can develop better. Not only that, you can also clean plants from pests.

To perform the screening, you will need gardening tools, such as gloves, a shovel, and scissors. You can clean the huma of dry leaves and other impurities.

4. Pruning plants

Pruning plants of course must be done so that plants can avoid pests. To do the pruning, you now need a florist shears.

You can cut the plant shoots slowly. You can do this so that the flora will be more awake. You can do this plant pruning once a month.

You must also be careful in performing flora mutilation so as not to cut the young leaves or fruit.

5. Pay attention to chili plants

Caring for the chili flora is definitely mandatory to pay attention to its health. This is because it avoids pest attack which can cause dead or rotten plants which can prevent the growth process.

So as to avoid pest attack, you can spray pesticides in the late afternoon and evening. But, if the chili flora has rotted, then it is better to give another remedy for the flora or fertilizer so that it returns fresh and grows.

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