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5 Ways to Spruce Up Instagram Feed Like an Influencer 2022 – 100% Success!!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times. When you use it for a long time, often the Instagram feed looks messy. Know how to tidy up Instagram feed which is not hard to try.

How to tidy up your Instagram feed

A neat Instagram feed shows the characteristics of the owner of the account. In this case, our reference is the Influencers.

Most of them have very neat and aesthetics feeds. Of course, this is an attraction that should not be underestimated.

Actually this method is very easy to do if you want to get started. However, often Instagram users don’t want to do it regularly.

This of course will have a very bad impact on the neatness of your account. Rarely do people know that actually tidying up their Instagram feeds can be a positive source of income.

By applying it, you have the potential to get quite a fantastic amount of money. Interested in implementing this?

Don’t worry because here we also have some of the most recommended ways to tidy up your feed without any hassle. There are 5 best ways you can try to implement it. Check out the guide below.

1. Define Feed Themes From the Beginning

The first way you can do is determine the Feed theme properly. Also decide whether to use photos or videos in your Instagram feed. The themes for this Instagram feed are quite diverse.

One example of a theme that is quite popular among Instagram users is the traveling theme. So you have to consistently post the traveling theme as long as the Instagram account is used.

Not only that, you also have to make sure that you understand the theme of the feed that you want to raise. If you feel you don’t have a passion for traveling, look for other feeds.

Other themes that can be taken are parenting themes, fashion, sports and so on. Doing this well will help you to have a large number of followers and start making money.

2. Define Instagram Feed Grid Layout

Instagram Grid Layout Feed

source: heyorca.com

How to tidy up your Instagram feed yours faithfully The next step is to define a Grid Layout from the start. By determining the grid size from the start, you can design your Instagram feed more consistently.

Of course, aesthetic themes can also be applied easily in it. Instagram itself provides several layout themes that you can choose according to your individual needs.

Here are some grid options that are automatically available in the Instagram app itself:

Instagram Puzzle Feed

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

  • Puzzle Feed for creating Instagram feeds that connect with each other
  • Tiles Feed to create alternating post forms, suitable to be applied to text content and quotes.
  • Horizontal Lines for uploading three photos with a horizontal concept
  • Border creates the exact same border on every photo content that you upload on Instagram.

Applying some of the grid options that we have described above will certainly make your Instagram feed much neater and cooler. Many Influencers have used this grid concept in their respective Instagram accounts.

Only Images with HD Resolution

How to tidy up your Instagram feed Another thing is to make sure that the images posted on your Instagram account are only HD resolution images. Don’t post images that are not of the maximum quality because it will make your Instagram feed look messy.

Fortunately, smartphones marketed today have very good resolutions. So you will have absolutely no trouble getting an image with the best resolution like this.

Just snap from their respective cameras to get them. Don’t forget to make settings on Instagram so that only HD quality photos can be posted. Here’s how it’s set:

  • Open Instagram on each device
  • Just choose profile tab
  • Enter menu Arrangement
  • You can directly click Account menu after
  • Click option data usage
  • Just activate it High Quality Uploads inside it.

4. Define the Color Scheme Consistently

After you perform the steps above, how to tidy up Instagram feed easily The next step is to choose an appropriate color scheme. Rarely do people realize that this color scheme will greatly affect the neatness of your Instagram feed.

You should try to add identical color accents to every photo uploaded on Instagram. For example, you can use brown to be combined in each photo. This technique will make your Instagram feed look cool like an influencer.

5. Applying Color Coordinates

Instagram Feed Color Coordinates

How to tidy up your Instagram feed the other is to determine the color coordinates. This one feature will make Instagram look much more organized and neat.

Combine this color coordinate with the color theme you selected earlier. You can choose several colors at once in it.

Finally, you just need to organize your Instagram questions neatly. You can set this layout manually.

If you plan to make money on this one social media, how to tidy up Instagram feed This is very important to understand. That way, the appearance of IG becomes more unique, nice, and interesting.

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