5 Ways to Hide Apps on Oppo Hp, 100% Easy

For security and privacy reasons, it’s a good idea to hide some important applications such as e-wallet applications, mobile banking, crypto applications, and even the company email where we work. So whenever our cellphones change hands, either because they are stolen, borrowed, or scattered, important information regarding ourselves is not easily broken everywhere. Information leakage, account hacking, cannot be separated from the weak security system that we apply to our own gadgets, especially cellphones. Especially for Oppo Hp users, you can learn how how to hide apps on Oppo cellphone.

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Hp

How to hide applications on Oppo cellphones is easy. Even from several existing methods, not all of them require other application support. If you feel it’s time to hide some important applications on your Oppo Hp, please choose the one that you feel is the most practical from the following methods:

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Hp Without Apps

This first method is the simplest and compatible for all types of OPPO smartphones. Most suitable for Oppo cellphones whose load capacity is limited. So you don’t need to install another helper application first to be able to do this.

  • As a first step, open the settings menu on your Oppo cellphone.
  • Next, select security followed by clicking on app lock.
  • After that, you create and enter a verification code which is a secret code.
  • If so, please specify which applications you want to hide. Then select “Activate Passcode Verification”.
  • At this stage, create your own 16-character PIN. The number is like a key when you want to enter the applications that you have hidden earlier.
  • When the number is saved, it means that you have successfully done how to hide the application on this Oppo cellphone.

How to Hide Apps on OPPO Smartphones Using the App Lock Application

As stated in the previous paragraphs, how to hide apps on Oppo smartphones it can also be supported by other applications. This time using the App Lock application. If you want to try it, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure you have the App Lock application installed on your smartphone. If you don’t have it, please download the application first on the Playstore so you can proceed to the next step.
  • If so, open the application. Then, select the application you want to hide from the home screen by creating a lock pattern.
  • The next step is to include App Lock Usage data access.
  • Finally, press the back button to return to the main menu of the App Lock application. Your job is done. The important apps you choose are already in private status. Only you yourself can access it again.

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Phones with the Help of Microsoft Launcher Applications

Not only the App Lock application, you can also use the Microsoft Launcher application to hide some important applications on Oppo phones. The process is not complicated at all. As long as you follow step by step how to hide applications on this Oppo smartphone correctly, then the goal must be successful.

Here’s a guide that you need to follow, don’t miss anything:

  • Because we need support from the Microsoft Launcher application, the first step you must fulfill is to download the application first and then install it on your smartphone.
  • Open the Microsoft Launcher application that has been installed, then select the three dots in the upper right corner. The sign will display several options. Then choose the Hide App option according to your initial goal of hiding the application.
  • The last stage, choose any application that you want to hide. Thus, automatically the applications that you selected will not appear on the home screen. Very concise, right?

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Hp with Hide Apps

This is the fourth alternative for those of you who want to learn how to hide apps on Oppo phones. From the name of the application, it is clear that this is indeed made to hide certain applications that we want.

The great thing is, the steps are very easy and the application is not only on Oppo cellphones but also most other smartphone brands. Even if it was so easy, even those who were clueless would be able to practice it themselves. Here are the steps:

  • Just like the initial steps in the previous hidden application methods, you have to make sure Hide Apps is installed on the smartphone first.
  • For those who have installed Hide Apps, you just have to open the application. Continue by selecting any application you want to hide.
  • The next step is to select the settings menu. Click the “ON” option on PIN protection.
  • Enter the PIN number as many digits as requested. The system will verify the PIN number you submitted and ask for reconfirmation from you. After you fulfill all the commands, the applications will be set private. Only you or people who know your PIN can bring it back up on the home screen.

How to Hide Apps on Oppo Hp with Private Me Application

The Private Me application is also here to help smartphone users hide some important applications. In addition, this application has a complete feature whose function is not only to hide but also to disguise notifications.

Suppose you receive a message from Whatsapp, but you don’t want others to know. Then what will appear on your cellphone screen is a notification from Instagram. Amazingly, Private Me can work on all types of android. Even on old school types though.

Regarding the procedure for using it, it is almost similar to similar applications. Install the application first, then open it and select the available options according to your interests.

The cause of the application can not be hidden on the Oppo Hp

There are some people who experience failure when applying the methods above. As a result, the apps they want to hide still appear on the home screen. The causes include:

  • Do not follow instructions sequentially. Usually experienced by those who are clueless or even less careful.
  • The load on the cellphone is not sufficient. This problem will hamper the process of installing supporting applications. Meanwhile, without the application, you cannot continue the other stages.
  • Load is adequate, but the system is slow due to spam, cache, or viruses. Cell phones with abundant spam or rampant viruses will indeed often have errors. For that, be diligent in cleaning it regularly.
  • The type of cellphone is not compatible with the application you are using. Some of the existing applications are not all suitable for all types of cellphones. Maybe your cellphone is classified as old school so some applications can’t work there. But don’t be sad, some other applications are still welcome with old school cellphones. Just be smart you choose it again.
  • Bad internet network. The methods above do require an adequate internet connection. At least to install the applications you need or receive verification notifications via email later.

So that’s 5 ways to hide applications on Oppo phones along with a super complete explanation. Save this information, who knows one day you will need it.

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