5 Ways to Fill out PDF Forms on a Laptop Without Converting

When registering something, you often get a form file in the form of a PDF. Unfortunately, the feature to edit PDF files is generally paid. Another alternative that is usually done is to convert the document to .docx format. However, both methods are considered to be inconvenient and also take a long time.

Well, there’s actually a way to easily fill out PDF forms on a laptop without converting. This method is fairly fast, which only takes a matter of minutes. Curious how? Listen while applying the following steps.

How to Fill out PDF Forms on a Laptop Without Converting

1. Use PDF Online

PDF Online in question is a PDF platform in the form of a website that allows you to fill out forms with the following steps:

  • Type “free online pdf file”
  • Choose the top one or from pdfescape.com
  • You will then be directed to the PDFescape page

2. Choose Edit Free PDF Form

After successfully entering the PDFescape page, then select the free editing method. Namely by selecting press the red Free Online button on the left.

3. Upload the PDF Form You Want to Edit

Once you enter the upload page, continue to fill out the PDF form on your laptop by uploading the file first by following these steps:

  • From the several link options that appear, select Upload PDF to PDFescape.
  • A new file upload window will appear
  • Click the Choose File button
  • Find where are the PDF form files stored on the laptop
  • Click the document, then press Open
  • Wait a few moments to enter the PDFescape edit page

4. Take advantage of the features in filling out the form

features of filling out pdf forms

When you have entered the PDFescape edit page, a form will open with several features on the left that will help you fill out the form, which are as follows.


Usually in the form there is a column that requires you to check one of the options. Press the Check Mark button to make a check mark.


In addition to a tick, it is not uncommon to be asked to attach a photo. Make sure you’ve prepared it, then enter it by pressing the Image option in the PDFescape editor earlier. Select an image as a photo, then resize it according to the available frames in the PDF form.


The last element is the text to fill out the form. Just press the Text button, then click at the end of the column for each row that requires text to complete the form data.

5. Save the Form in PDF

save form in pdf

When all data has been filled in completely, proceed with saving the file in PDF format. Click the green “Save & Download PDF” button with a down arrow symbol on the left. The form that has been filled in earlier will be saved in the laptop storage in PDF format automatically.

Check the results of editing the form filling earlier by opening the file. That’s how to fill out a PDF form on a laptop without converting. In a matter of minutes it will be filled up neatly.

How to fill out PDF forms on iPhone?

Filling out forms on the iPhone simply uses the Markup feature provided by iOS. You just need to open the PDF file as usual, then press the Markup button located in the upper right corner. Once open, explore the Markup icon below to add text and other functions.

How to fill out a PDF form on an Android phone?

On Android devices, filling out PDF forms can be done via the Google Drive app. Select the PDF form you want to fill out via HP. Tap at the bottom of the Form Fill option. Enter the information into the form, then press Save at the very top.

How to make a PDF from a cellphone?

Creating a PDF is just as important as filling out a PDF form online. The easiest way is to use the Smallpdf online PDF service. After successfully visiting the site, enter the file in .docx format, then convert it to PDF.

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