5 Values ​​That Can Be Taken From ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’

Bollywood’s visionary director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB), is back with his latest work. This latest Indian film is rumored to be the SLB film with the longest shooting process.

Since 2019, the shooting of this film started by hooking the talented young Indian star, the versatile beauty, Alia Bhatt. The film is loosely adapted from the book Mafia Queens of Mumbai.

Specializing in films with rich, colorful sets that are magnificent and spectacular, SLB fans have been waiting for this new film for a long time. Moreover, this film stars Alia Bhatt.

This novel by Hussain Zaidi explores the true story of a woman who works as a prostitute, then she changes her fate so that she becomes the head of the mafia who fights for women’s rights.

The Gangubai Kathiawadi film, apart from being screened in theaters, is also broadcast on Netflix and can already be enjoyed by global audiences around the world. There are 5 values ​​that can be learned from this Gangubai Kathiawadi.

As a powerful drama with a solid storytelling and evocative of emotions, here are 5 values ​​that can be learned from Gangubai Kathiawadi. Let’s read together, guys!


This film is adapted from a part of a novel by S. Hussain Zaidi. In the novel, the journey of Ganga Harjivandas who became known as Gangubai Kathiawadi is narrated.

This young woman originally came from a prominent family in Gujarat. Ganga, who is still naive and innocent, is deceived by her lover’s sweet talk.

His girlfriend promises Ganga to become a movie star, but turns out to be sold to a brothel after her boyfriend robbed her of money and jewelry. He was stuck there with no choice.

Forced to become a prostitute, Ganga doesn’t give up on fate. This film depicts Ganga’s journey as Gangubai, one of the most respected mafia figures in 1960s Mumbai

SLB presents a film with a very luxurious and distinctive production value with a touch of very beautiful cinematography and captivating color-palette in every scene.

The production design, sets, costumes, music, and dramatization of this film are very strong in telling the story. Alia Bhatt’s performance as Gangubai is so stunning that it deserves an award.

Poverty as the culprit

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali clearly describes the condition of women in the prostitution business due to poverty. As a result, many parents marry off their daughters at an early age.

It is believed that if daughters do not succeed in marrying as quickly as possible into well-to-do families, they will fall into the prostitution business.

The age, mental, and physical condition of these minors are ignored, and are immediately married. Many of them drop out of school, get sick, and even die as a result of this practice.

Lack of strong support from family is one important factor. Parents actually do not understand the negative impacts on children who marry at an early age.

Because they were forced to marry, many of them ran away from home. They become soft food for criminals who want to sell them into prostitutes.

It took someone with mental strength like Ganga to successfully rise up and change her destiny. Otherwise, women with fate like Ganga will continue to grow in number.

Boundless Violence Against Women

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The power of the script written by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Utkarshini Vashishtha and the dialogues arranged by Prakash Kapadia is very moving and often leaves us choked.

An example is one of the dialogues in the scene where prostitutes are mourning and holding a funeral ceremony for one of their friends who died.

“Tie his feet tightly. Men can’t be trusted, even with corpses,” said Gangu bitterly to her friends. His friends nodded glumly, suffocating with grief and anger.

A slashing dialogue that illustrates that even after becoming corpses, they are still vulnerable to being raped. The form of violence and harassment against women that really crosses the line.

In general, women are still categorized as second-class citizens. Especially if you work as a prostitute. They are needed in secret, but despised and discriminated against in public.

This fuels Gangubai’s anger and ambition to create a different world for people like himself. Alia Bhatt’s performance here is truly extraordinary and convincing.

Discrimination against children from sex workers

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This film also describes how Gangubai was initially widely known throughout India and even the world. Starting from his introduction to a journalist, Amin Faizi (Jim Sarbh).

Faizi became a witness when Gangubai took the children of the prostitutes who worked in the brothel he managed to school. The children were treated differently from the others.

They were beaten and sent home, because they were considered ‘diseases’ and did not deserve to be united with the rest of the community. Faizi made the story of Gangubai and the children an article in his magazine.

One thing that is discussed in this film is that society at that time forgot that all children have the same rights, namely to get a proper education and fair treatment.

As Gangubai said to the headmaster who rejected him, “What if some of them later become doctors, lawyers, and others?”

“Indeed they really need education to break the cycle of bad luck that their mothers have. How can they get out of this life without education.”

The Intricate Labyrinth of the Prostitution Business

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Gangubai Kathiawadi is no ordinary Indian film. There is little dance to describe Gangubai’s mood. The rest is very inspiring emotional drama.

After living life as a prostitute and experiencing violence, Gangubai decides to change his fate. He teamed up with the local mafia chief to support him.

With the protection of Rahim Lala (Ajay Devgn), the head of the mafia, Gangubai realizes his ambition to run a brothel on his own. He made the brothel a safe place for prostitutes.

Gangubai’s business as a pimp is not to get money and wealth, but rather as a struggle to support sex workers to get equal rights and treatment.

He wants to make his friends who are prostitutes can get their rights and live in security. The oppressive system that exists in India, especially regarding the equality of women’s rights, must be changed.

Gangubai realized that he wouldn’t be able to change all that if he didn’t have the power. He had to be a leader before he could fight the system.

Gangubai’s struggle was successful when the prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, accepted and listened to his aspirations. Gangu’s revered figure can finally become his true protector.


The struggle of women in demanding their rights always leaves a lot of stories. Especially from those whose fate is not as lucky as many people.

Gangubai’s speech at the end of the film is so touching. Something we’ve known all along, but we’d rather ignore. He said the brothel never discriminated against anyone.

Rich or poor, honorable, ugly, ugly or handsome, they will be accepted. Then, Gangubai asked, why doesn’t that apply to them, the prostitutes who serve those who come?

A striking question that we must ponder together.

For those of you who want to watch the movie ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’, let’s subscribe to Netflix.

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