5 Tips & Tricks How to Easily Create a Website Using WordPress – How to Succeed in Online Business

Don’t know coding, but want to have a website? Relax, now you can create your own website without any hassle and without big capital. Curious how? Let’s follow the tutorial how to make a website with WordPress the following.

With WordPress, beginners like you can easily build a website with just one click. Want to create a blog, free school website, news portal or even an e-commerce website? Whatever the purpose and type of website, here are 5 ways to create a website with WordPress for free

How to Make a Website with WordPress for Free

If you want to create a website for free without spending capital, then the best answer is with a platform WordPress.com. This platform is a free version facilitated by WordPress for all internet users.

Through WordPress.com, You don’t need to create your own domain or hosting because all aspects are available for free. All you need to do is install and select the domain provided by the platform.

So, how to create a blog on WordPress for beginners? Here’s a complete set of WordPress tutorials. You can apply before and after creating a website.

  1. Determining the Type and Niche of the Website
  2. Creating a Domain Name
  3. Setting up Web Hosting
  4. Account Registration and WordPress Installation
  5. Manage Dashboards.

To find out in detail, let’s see further the following discussion.

Determining Website Type & Niche

The first step that is quite important to do before creating a website is to determine the type and niche or topic. First understand the purpose of making a website and the criteria and type of website you need.

Determining focus and goals is very important to facilitate the next step. Especially for beginners, determining this can help streamline web creation time later.

When developing and designing, you will be faced with a lot of choices. Both from the type of website itself, or from a technical point of view (disk space, bandwidth, etc.) as well as in terms of design (themes, sliders, widgets, plugins, and more).

So that you are not confused, make references and focus on the goals you want to achieve through your website. How to create an online store website is different from how to create a free school website.

That’s a very important first step to help smooth the next process. You can use several questions as a guide to determine a niche, as below:

  • What is the purpose of my website? Is it sharing information/showing profiles/making profit/making money/other?
  • What type of website do I want to create? Is it blog/ecommerce/agency website/company profile/school/community/village website/news portal/other?
  • What is the main focus of my website? Is it traveling/digital business/photography/story telling/other?
  • What kind of website do I need? Is it static (which doesn’t require a lot of updates) or dynamic (which needs to be updated regularly)?
  • What do I want to maximize on my website? Is it text/images/products/services/other?
  • What features are mandatory on my website? Do I need a slider/video/trade plugin/illustration/other?

After getting answers to the questions above, make special notes as guidelines for the next step. Don’t forget to consider the target audience your website will target. Do research if necessary.

Creating a Domain Name

The second step that should not be missed is to determine and create a domain name. Why are domain names important? This is like an address or identity that will present your website or brand.

Because it functions as an identity, the creation of a domain name should not be arbitrary. Domain selection must be with careful consideration. Also really describe your business or brand.

In general, the characteristics of an interesting domain name are:

  • short
  • unique
  • easy to remember
  • easy to say
  • easy to type in search engines

You can use free tools to create a domain name that can be accessed on the internet. But for the first step, there’s nothing wrong with using a free domain from WordPress.

Usually your domain name will look like this if you are using the free version: namawebsite.wordpress.com.

Setting up Web Hosting

To be able to create a website based on WordPress, you need a hosting platform.

Hosting serves as a server to store data, files, images and various other media on a website.

Some hosting criteria that are suitable for use by beginners are:

  • as needed
  • easy to use
  • affordable/free

In general, to be able to use hosting you have to pay a fee. But don’t worry, WordPress provides free hosting services through the WordPress.com platform.

Although it is free, this hosting is enough for beginners who want to start learning websites or blogs.

Register & Install WordPress

This is a tutorial on how to create a website with free WordPress, the main thing is registration and installation. How to make a website with WordPress for free for beginners is through WordPress.com. Besides being free, the steps required are also very simple and practical.

Here’s a complete tutorial on how to install WordPress with pictures that you can follow.

1. Prepare an active email before installing. (Can be old or new email. Make sure the email has not been used to register a WordPress account before).

2. Open the wordpress address. use the Indonesian version to facilitate the tutorial.

3. Click the “Create your website” option in the middle column or click menu Start in the right corner

4. Enter your email, name and password. Remember these three things and if necessary record and save to facilitate the next login process. If all the fields are filled in, select the menu at the bottom of the column “Create your account”.

5. You will be redirected to a page asking to select a web domain. Type in the domain name you want.

There will be several options, choose the one ending in wordpress.com to get the free version. Click menu Select. Do as the example in the picture.

6. On the next page, you will be given the option to choose a hosting package. However, you can get started for free by clicking the options menu “Start with a free site”. Then, a display like the following will appear.

7. When finished, confirm the email to launch the website. You will be directed to the website dashboard as shown below.

8. Done. After that, please make edits such as adding a site name, updating the homepage, confirming email, etc.

So, is the website ready? Then what is the next step? Making a website does not just stop at that process.

You have to do some advanced steps so that the website can function properly. One of them is managing the dashboard. However, this step can be very varied, depending on the needs.

Manage Dashboard

After installing and launching the website, the next way to create a website with WordPress is to manage the dashboard.

In this dashboard section you can do many things to manage and beautify the appearance of the website. For example editing the homepage, setting or changing themes, adding plugins, and much more.

With the WordPress platform, managing the dashboard is very easy because all the icons are already available. Just click the menu you want to manage and you are free to exercise full control over your website.

How to open the WordPress dashboard is also not complicated. Just add wp-admin behind your website URL. Or by logging in automatically will direct you to that page.

Some of the main things you need to pay attention to when you first open the dashboard are:

  • give the site a name by setting a site title and slogan that describes you well.
  • Installing a theme that suits the type and niche of the website.
  • Change and manage website appearance (customization, widgets, menus, AMP, additional CSS, etc, if needed)
  • Add features and plugins (optional).
  • Create interesting content (for a start, we recommend making blog post articles that describe you / your business).

If the steps above have been done, you can immediately launch your website and your site will go online. But keep in mind that this free version puts quite a lot of limitations for you.

In order to compete with self-hosted websites or paid platforms, you must optimize and maintain your website. For example by doing SEO optimization. SEO optimization can be applied to any website platform, including WordPress.


Well, those were some easy ways to create a website with WordPress for free. How? Pretty easy and simple right? You can create a site with any device, without even spending a penny.

However, keep in mind, using the free method has various limitations. You also can’t monetize if you rely on the free version. If you want to have a website with unlimited quality for business purposes, you can take advantage of wordpress.org

Or, the most appropriate step is to use a Website Development Service that has already been installed reliable and quality.

Alright, enough of this discussion. If you find problems in implementing how to make a website with WordPress can confirm in the comments column. Thank you May be useful.

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